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Taking a Jab at Character Traits

The idea for writing a post weekly has several flaws for me. I simply stick to an attempt to only post whatever I’m successful in. Sure, it may perhaps be alright to always show what I succeed with, yet I still fail to manage my dream of at least one post a week.

Dropping into my blog’s writers block, so to speak, I have found and compiled a list of ideas for what I might post about. To start that out, and fix my missed weeks so far, today we will consider the idea of character traits.

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NaNoE v2 – Beta 1: Update 1

This week we can start taking a look at the inner working of how Beta 1 could potentially work. This is a more complex update, it can just talk about the structure in a more programming oriented manner.

UI’s Current Testing Structure
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edg3 ZA: Episode #100

So, ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the episode 100 in our single player survival series.

I share it above in the video, I just figure I should also put it here, please note the world is downloadable in the description.

Enjoy your Minecraft 1.15.1 adventure taking a look at the world. I’m definitely considering new ideas, and catching up on old ones I haven’t completed yet.

Please be sure to let me know what you think would be a cool idea, it’s awesome to have such a simple relaxing hobby!

NaNoE v2 – Beta 1

There are fundamental form in the user interactivity and usability of NaNoE as it currently is. That’s the reason why I’m currently upgrading and adjusting it for a second version.

NaNoE V2-beta.1
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Marakele National Park: 2020/01/6-10

Evening view from the camp site

This week we will share a little bit of nature, it is so awesome that Marakele is getting some rains. Their camp is so fabulous as you can see the buck around your tents at times!

The monkeys loved to play
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