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How to Make Your Own Pizza

A meaty crunchy enjoyment

There’s quite a simple method, though takes a bit of time, to make yourself a pizza. I mean, this isn’t to turn you into a 5 star Michelin style pizzeria chef, but you can create the most amazing mix for your pizza just as you want it. Let’s share a way to make yourself 2 pizzas for yourself.

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Camera Fun: 1-7/6/2020

I realise I will take photos of the same things, you can tell from here. Pretty much over, and over, however it is just something nice that I can share a bit. While there’s one in particular, I figure it doesn’t matter too much. Enjoy the little pictures.

Similarity may occur often.
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New Camera: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W800

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W800

As people can understand, when you have a hobby it is at times a great idea to invest in a little to contribute to it. This time, it came from my love of random photography. When one of our orchards blooms? Photos. When I’m in a game reserve? Photos.

I picked up a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W800 for myself today. I looked around at what I could fit in my budget, and it fit my requirements without any troubles.

Firstly, A Few Photos

Images are scaled down from 20.1MP to show here, I can share in full resolution in the future photos I will take.

No Zoom
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WPF Style Swapping in MVVM

We delve into the ideas in our WPF projects today, as part of my new system implementations I had a simple problem.

One of the examples

I figured it should be possible, you must be able to easily adjust your style’s theme in your WPF application. Looking around, seeing it asked and answered on StackOverflow, I just couldn’t quite find a descriptive good answer.

Reading documentation I have a simple way I’ll share to introduce a simple MVVM style with adjustable styles.

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