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Month: Dec 2018

2018’s End Credits

Since we have gathered for the end of 2018 I figured I should share how the year felt, and obviously my plans for the new year. To be honest, there were quite a few difficulties I endured, we just won’t focus on that. I feel more comfortable looking at the good side.

End Credits

This year brought some new light back into my life.

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Channel News: 2019 Plans

Today we share the plans for the channel for 2019, a day or two earlier.

Currently the schedule looks as follows:

  • Factorio: Monday, Friday
  • Vanilla Drake: Sunday (prerecording), Tuesday
  • edg3 ZA Minecraft: Thursday, Saturday (prerecording)
  • Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons: Wednesday
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Novel: Accidental Distances

This was what started as my NaNoWriMo entry this year. You can see where it went here.

There are several things for this to be the post of today, first off, it is my new open source editing program. I simplified things, I attempted to make things minimal and needed a new way to write and track the words (and editing) for myself. That is NaNoE, that is what I will look at and share first.

After this weekends writing
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A Procrastination Problem

I figured I should start out only sharing the positive things, it wouldn’t make sense if I shared certain things I struggled with that weren’t about me alone. You will see at the end I can suggest the ways I found that worked better for me, perhaps it can help you too. Images are scaled slightly down, don’t really need to share my scribbles in HD.

There is only one thing that I ‘passed’ in terms of what has happened this year (not completely to do with subjects at university). I have found that I need to use completely different methods to study, never mind work on personal projects. Sure, I started making my studies an important ‘time sink’ in January. ‘Time sink’ is literally where I could have it, I didn’t allow myself to do anything besides studying mostly. If it wasn’t studying I would only allow myself to use minimal time for it. It just happened to be after this middle year ‘holiday’ I finally found what I needed to do.

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Who (and what) am I?

Starting this out please take note: This introduction is a refresher to help people understand me. We will do more, something to share this for me to move forward.

There most likely isn’t really any chance I can share this in the correct ways. I know that for a fact, unfortunately. In 2016 as a passenger I was involved in a car collision, I, however, don’t want to share all the details. The only detail worth sharing, in this case, is the fact that I suffered from a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

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