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Month: Apr 2019

NaNoE Update: Finish 2018’s Novel

As a simple improvement, I worked out where 2018’s novel for NaNoWriMo can finish. I decided I would split the novel story into two separate books. This is since the first book is already difficult to work out the conclusion of. Neverminding the fact that the second half will be where my imagination can go wild.

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Part 2: A Shadow on the Glass – Ian Irvine

This is clearly taking me longer than planned. I specifically chose I should read a book every month, and I’ve looked through other books. I just don’t want them to count yet as we are still stuck on the book of February.

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Introducing: The Fall of Dunmar

In 2015 and 2016 I started working on a campaign, it happened on the world Dunmar. It was a home-brew setting for Dungeons and Dragons 5E, I built it by hand. There are several thoughts and processes behind it, hence, this is what we can share a bit for this weeks blog post.

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Rescheduling (April 2019)

Due to critical problems that have occurred I will not be blogging more this week. This is due to constraints I have for time (I am also working now).

I will organize the YouTube schedule and blog post schedule as soon as possible. The image is of my new project management tool system. This way I can eventually defeat my procrastination problem. I still use my diary, it is just better to use a project managing suite to control what I do.

Hopefully I will have tons to share next week.

Part 1: A Shadow on the Glass – Ian Irvine

The important thing I needed to note from this is I am enjoying this novel. Just note, I borrowed it from a friend in February and I still haven’t finished it.

I haven’t finished the book so I can’t really completely share the contents of the story line yet. I just needed to get back to my schedules, which is why we can just think of something that is interesting so far.

I am on page 379 of 579, I will fix my “back log” of reading a book a month (which I wanted to do this year) as soon as I can. Don’t worry!

First-Person vs. Third-Person

My current interest in the novel essentially sits with my NaNoWriMo attempts. I would love to hear it from everyone, do you prefer novels written in the first-person or third-person style?

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