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Month: Jun 2019 (page 1 of 2)

Project Euler: 1, 2, 3

One of the stumbling blocks I have is I feel I am quite out of programming for a change. I tried to do different jobs, was doing my best, yet they happened to end.

Nothing was said that I did things badly, I just didn’t fit in with everyone. Due to that? I really need to get into my programming habits again. I do work externally for a company, it is just slow due to my stumbling blocks…

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Let’s Get Back Into Exercise

There are great reasons behind exercising, it is something we should do regularly. One thing that has been slightly difficult for me to stick to has been exercising regularly.

I figured with my thoughts, ideas and plans it would be perfect to get back into it by doing this. Similarly, I was also asked to share a bit in exercise plans. I now have someone challenging themselves by joining me in these exercises. So, the easiest is to share where the exercise is going.

Please note, all thoughts and ideas shared here are my own. This is the personal plan for exercises, use anything shared here at your own risk. Please consult your physician before starting any exercise program. Anything external is under the copyright of their respective owners, it is under their control.

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Holiday: Dinokeng Game Reserve

We had a public holiday on Monday June 17th, 2019, for fathers day. We chose to head out to visit Dinokeng again, as we had been there before. It turned into quite a fun holiday.

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Accidental Distances: The Edit Grind

I’m sure you can understand that it takes time to finish off your first edit. This, being my first full novel edit, happens to be quite tedious and time consuming. I am trying my best to move further, slightly quicker.

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The Half-year Summary of Topics

Today happens to be a day I am trying to bring everything back to a new light. The are several reasons that this feels slightly incorrect to me, the first happens to be that the half-year update is slightly delayed in arrival.

Today there will be more than one post, simply to try and get things going again.

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