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Dinokeng Visit: 4 April 2020

Due to the worlds circumstances, be sure to stay safe and up to date with everything that is happening.

There’s one thing that adds difficulty with social distancing, the house can get troublesome. Somewhat boring, mind you. I worked from home in the past, however can rarely get out to somewhere new to relax. So, my recommendation is do what I did: go out for a game drive. Your pay for entry can help the reserve with costs for protecting the wildlife it has in it!

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How to Make Your Own Pizza

A meaty crunchy enjoyment

There’s quite a simple method, though takes a bit of time, to make yourself a pizza. I mean, this isn’t to turn you into a 5 star Michelin style pizzeria chef, but you can create the most amazing mix for your pizza just as you want it. Let’s share a way to make yourself 2 pizzas for yourself.

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Camera Fun: 1-7/6/2020

I realise I will take photos of the same things, you can tell from here. Pretty much over, and over, however it is just something nice that I can share a bit. While there’s one in particular, I figure it doesn’t matter too much. Enjoy the little pictures.

Similarity may occur often.
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New Camera: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W800

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W800

As people can understand, when you have a hobby it is at times a great idea to invest in a little to contribute to it. This time, it came from my love of random photography. When one of our orchards blooms? Photos. When I’m in a game reserve? Photos.

I picked up a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W800 for myself today. I looked around at what I could fit in my budget, and it fit my requirements without any troubles.

Firstly, A Few Photos

Images are scaled down from 20.1MP to show here, I can share in full resolution in the future photos I will take.

No Zoom
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