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Introducing: AR and Map Game Idea

So, I have started planning how to make an Android game I have an idea for. This is meant to be something that is akin to an adventure you can have with your friends.

This introduces a few little challenges for myself. Getting AR to work on my device, and getting the maps to work. This may, or may not, be a fun experience.

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Dungeon of the Endless – Progress 1

Unfortunately, I have suffered quite a ton of difficulties that disrupted my functionality. Hence, apologies that we missed our first-week last week, and that I haven’t been able to complete February’s book. The book will be done eventually, and I figured I should make sure that despite not finishing everything I needed to complete we should press on and share the DotE progress.

Dungeon of the Endless is a Roguelike I am slowly working on. Take note, slowly… working on… I don’t rush through making things, I don’t just go “ooh, let’s add that feature,” to keep it manageable it will have delayed progress reports.

Take note, this was somewhat usable when I wanted to share it on Make Games SA. That didn’t cut it for me, I needed quite a lot of changes. Unfortunately, it is already there so you can take a look at it, it just needs a lot of changes… I have finally started that for myself.

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GGJ 2019 – What We Got

I went through to the GGJ meetup near me, where this year we had tons more than we would have ever expected before! Due to the time constraints for starting with so many people (for the first time), it happened to be fine for allowing people to stick to the teams they expected to be in before coming to the venue.

We should encourage people to work with new people. That sentence feels like it is slightly incorrectly worded… However, it just happens to be what added a slight disaster for certain new people this year. “Hey, let’s talk about our ideas, I need to find a team…

I tried several times. It would have been amazing to get a random team. My friends unfortunately also stuck to “we have a programmer, sorry.” Perfectly fine, however, it means I didn’t actually do the GGJ theme properly. When your point is to work with new people every year? Yes, I just couldn’t get that to occur.

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Wrapping MonoGame – Let’s Be Simpler

I am wrapping code around MonoGame to announce SokoBomber 2, and have it adapt between platforms. I just figured I want to try something a little different.

For today, since GGJ is nearly here we will make an easier way to split our game’s code up. This is aiming to make it easier for us to work in a team. On the other side, it is also so we can target different platforms with the exact same code.

To some, this may not make any sense. Why would we need to wrap around something like MonoGame? The simplest reason for this is that the team members can work on different files regularly (as in, not a single file containing all states and game code, rather separate files). Using this project structure we can also have all changes to the game’s code working on the other platforms automatically.

We will minimise the platform dependant code to their platform. This is using a different class library for the game logic, code and game states. I can share that after making the code in the post below it has shown several elements I will need to rethink and adjust. This was just roughly 6 hours to write till sharing it later on.

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