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Taking a Jab at Character Traits

The idea for writing a post weekly has several flaws for me. I simply stick to an attempt to only post whatever I’m successful in. Sure, it may perhaps be alright to always show what I succeed with, yet I still fail to manage my dream of at least one post a week.

Dropping into my blog’s writers block, so to speak, I have found and compiled a list of ideas for what I might post about. To start that out, and fix my missed weeks so far, today we will consider the idea of character traits.

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Marakele National Park: 2020/01/6-10

Evening view from the camp site

This week we will share a little bit of nature, it is so awesome that Marakele is getting some rains. Their camp is so fabulous as you can see the buck around your tents at times!

The monkeys loved to play
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2019 in Review

We’re delving into the land of review. This is an interesting thought, I simply figure it’s good to take a look at the last year.

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Adjusted Strategy For Reading

I wanted to read through a physical book every month this year.

It’s easy to understand that I dislike how I did manage to read through a few books, yet I didn’t physically read them. I used programs, and systems, to read them to me.

That doesn’t quite fit “Read a Book a Month.”

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This week we only step into adjusting the site a little, joining a Minecraft SMP, Unorthoblocks, and adjustments in general.

The novel editing is still going, it’s just still a slow process for me.

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