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Part 1: A Shadow on the Glass – Ian Irvine

The important thing I needed to note from this is I am enjoying this novel. Just note, I borrowed it from a friend in February and I still haven’t finished it.

I haven’t finished the book so I can’t really completely share the contents of the story line yet. I just needed to get back to my schedules, which is why we can just think of something that is interesting so far.

I am on page 379 of 579, I will fix my “back log” of reading a book a month (which I wanted to do this year) as soon as I can. Don’t worry!

First-Person vs. Third-Person

My current interest in the novel essentially sits with my NaNoWriMo attempts. I would love to hear it from everyone, do you prefer novels written in the first-person or third-person style?

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The Gifts of Imperfection – Brene Brown

As you may remember, one of my challenges this year is to “read a novel every month”. I figure this is completely in the incorrect direction, however, please bear with me. A novel is “typically representing character and action with some degree of realism”. Sure, that is missing being “fictitious”, I just couldn’t decide which novel to read. It fits the rules to read something every month, no matter how intense it happens to be.

You can get it on Amazon for yourself.

January 2019’s Book

I figured I should fall back to something I wanted to read years ago. Don’t get me wrong, like roughly 5 years ago. Everyone has stumbling blocks in terms of what they can do perfectly. This can be in terms of consistency, for the easy example, as I nearly didn’t read my first “book a month”. I figured it may as well be the place I start this years challenges.

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