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It is yet another time for the updates on the site. It should be simpler for you to find things, or stick in categories you would like.

Take note, you still need to create an account to comment, and similarly, you still need to confirm your email subscription.

Let me know how it looks and feels, thanks goes to Mrs. B. for her feedback.

The Edit Grind, NaNoE Upgrades

Because of the time spent on the editing, I’m honestly not close enough to completing Accidental Distance yet. That is, at the time of starting writing what will be shared today.

You will note, firstly, that I adjusted NaNoE. I’ve added a few things that would make me feel a lot better about it, coming from the Computer Science studies I’ve gone through.

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NaNoE: Updates and Changes

Today we step back into work on NaNoE for ourselves. There are simple things we are doing for our strategy here, it should help with converting our novels written in NaNoE in the future.

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Video Editing: Shotcut – Make an Intro

I am definitely not quite there as an artist, you will see I don’t even make the background look great. This is just to point out, and share, how simple it can be to make your own intro video.

I do the simplest form that I know completely, and in Step 4 just share more you can delve into for your intro video you create.

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Let’s Move in a Different Direction

There are quite a few flaws in our lives. This is meant in no derogatory way, no. It is just something worth taking a good look at.

Under normal circumstances, people will immediately see certain things as bad and derogatory. I hate to break it to them, it could be intended in the opposite way.

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