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Let’s Build a Camera: Step 1

Technically, this should have been something I finished off in a day. I just, unfortunately, forgot certain things that were important in what I planned.

Consider the fact that I used a 2Gb SD Card? I can’t use the smaller OS on the Raspberry Pi this time, I need to move towards Raspbian as the OS. That is the reason we needed to split it up and it will be a bit slower.

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Something: #2

It doesn’t matter,
Yet it’s good to know.
If one can rain a little today,
Tomorrow the plants will grow.


NaNoWriMo 2019: Warmup Step 2

So, as you will have seen, I did things that added slight delays to writing practice every day in Step 1. We will still continue with sharing my strategy, in order, so you might work out what you need to do for this November.

Today, we will step off the computer for the first half. I will teach how I mapped the plot out in 2018. Next, I will show how to map it out in NaNoE for ourselves. This is being done by me early this year so you can take the time in October for yourself.

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Something: #1

I’m not something.

I’m not the same.

I’m just someone.

I know your name.

Ernest Loveland

Land Rover Charity Convoy Drive Outreach [14/9/2019]

This was a charity run, here in Gauteng, South Africa. I took photos and share.

Look at more on their Facebook group.

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