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The important thing I needed to note from this is I am enjoying this novel. Just note, I borrowed it from a friend in February and I still haven’t finished it.

I haven’t finished the book so I can’t really completely share the contents of the story line yet. I just needed to get back to my schedules, which is why we can just think of something that is interesting so far.

I am on page 379 of 579, I will fix my “back log” of reading a book a month (which I wanted to do this year) as soon as I can. Don’t worry!

First-Person vs. Third-Person

My current interest in the novel essentially sits with my NaNoWriMo attempts. I would love to hear it from everyone, do you prefer novels written in the first-person or third-person style?

It is interesting to think about. To keep it simple, I seem to prefer wanting to write my novels in first-person. I think about the story in a sense of what the person the story is about experiences. I believe I keep accidentally swapping into thirdperson from first, hence, in my editing I figure it would be best to pay attention to this.

My current novel is about Sidd, he gets into an adventure that first takes him off of Earth to Mars. I am struggling to gather my courage to continue writing the second part of the adventure. He accidentally travels several light years away onto an alien planet.

Perhaps it is just what I had planned for the second planet which is slowing me down, it is quite interesting to think things through on an alien planet. Yes, Accidental Distances is my novel where us humans are the “alien invaders”. I have thought a lot about what I wanted to be the crucial things that occur in the story. The crucial things are quite easy for me, to put it into some context:

  • I invented a rough alien dialect to use in the story (managed it through making my own program to sort it out for me)
  • I have considered it a lot, and have a very simple step in the story where we will work out how to communicate with them
  • Similarly, I have a simple way to convert the colors for myself (bound through the alien dialect and its uses)

Today I am sitting with two simple stumbling blocks for my writing:

  • How can I self motivate myself to get my regular writing back? I managed to motivate myself in November during NaNoWriMo, I have just struggled since it finished to continue with the story (I have a passion about it and would love to complete it).
  • Which is a better style for a novel? First or third person?

I would love the input for this thought.

Andrew pointed to the base, clearly he was saying we can go in. we headed back and got inside, I took my cap off, Andrew was still concentrating on the video. I pointed at the phone, “come over here so it can be seen.” After a moment he was close enough, I saw him nod, so I started. “I am initialising the hour trip in a straight line to test this new connection for us.” I finished starting it and we both watched the robot leaving.

Unedited Section FROm Novel

Just note I have steps I still need to take in every “written section” for editing, I just need to think of what I should look for to add to NaNoE editing for these reasons.

Today’s short blog post is here for a simple reason, just to share some thoughts since I wasn’t able to manage any other thoughts for today. It was delayed by a trip I had on the weekend, we will see how the future consistency and cycle will need to be soon.

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