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In 2015 and 2016 I started working on a campaign, it happened on the world Dunmar. It was a home-brew setting for Dungeons and Dragons 5E, I built it by hand. There are several thoughts and processes behind it, hence, this is what we can share a bit for this weeks blog post.


So, take note: I may have renamed or reused parts of my campaign slightly incorrectly (was Dunmar a city perhaps?). The new campaign is built off of the existing plans and thoughts. I just felt like taking some time to adjust the world and scene for a campaign I can eventually share.

The world we live on. It is within a 5-star galaxy, though it is the only planet with plants, oxygen, and animals. It is here that our adventure begins in 1803.
In this world in the year 1712 we, mostly humans, began to live on this planet. We had spent years in the hunt for more planets to occupy. We had used some of the magical industry to build long-distance space travel rockets for ourselves.
In 1624 we lost the communication from Dunmar through the space stations we had already started there, we don’t know much but heard one last message that still confuses us.
“Attention, here on Dunmar we found them … it is breaching our city … doomed ….” ~ Last transmission from Dunmar


So, I am building a handbook for the DM to use for running my campaign. It takes a little effort to spend time managing what you would like in your campaign. In the next section, you will see my slightly strange future plans, however, everything is going to have several different story arcs.

Essentially in 1583 a new company began, Univerco, they managed to use the strange machinery and help from the strongest mages to first build a system that scanned every galaxy. Essentially they wanted to find a way to fix the overpopulation of planets currently by finding new planets to move to.

The company behind the travel

Essentially the summary is that we have been on this world in the past, we traveled there through what the company Univerco offered. The campaign can begin around when you, and your fellow adventurers, arrive on Dunmar.

You will have a short time to get accustomed with the completely different world, with the intro’s goal being to get players accustomed to D&D and the world galaxy it is in Crimple. There will be quite a few hidden items and features, I just haven’t started them yet.

The Story Arc Idea

The story aims to allow the players to see completely different things, if they would like to fight in the army they will see that the army is recruiting at one point. It will add the difficulty of the players potentially taking separate story arcs. To combat this I am working on a way that the players should still form a party, we can move them between campaigns easily.

Consider this:

Player A: I want to join the army

Player B: I want to go on the kings quest

DM: Perfectly fine, player A heads to the garrison to sign up for the army, they discuss things there and he becomes a travel defender.

DM: player B goes to see the king, a lot of things happen, the king says he will send the travel guard with as it is a priority for him.

As the DM we can bind things together

As you can understand, this is meant to be a manageable campaign setting that has tons of stories that can be bound together.

Hint at depth

What I will be doing with the document I am creating is add DM hints, and extra thoughts.

The Short Sharing Point

So, this is a short blog post just to share what I am doing on the side currently. It is mostly to share that I will be DMing a campaign at some point with friends. Hopefully I will be able to share more in the future, today is just sticking to the short consistency.