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This is clearly taking me longer than planned. I specifically chose I should read a book every month, and I’ve looked through other books. I just don’t want them to count yet as we are still stuck on the book of February.

The interesting part

So for part two I finally got through to finish it off. There is a very interesting idea and set of thoughts from part of it.

In chapter 29, on page 403, we are in the hills of Bannador with the two main adventurers. Karan and Llian are on the ground for a bit, and Karan asks for a story.

Llian is asked to share one, so he tells the story of two lovers. Jenkula and Hengist have an interesting tale that brought interesting thoughts. When we are bound in the world, without our will, to something that doesn’t work for us we shouldn’t worry.

Imagine it for yourself, the girl was bound to be the third wife of a man. The man is supposedly rich, and he was fierce about having control of some of the lands. The story shares that she regularly went to spots to get away from him. She didn’t love him, she was just forced to marry him.

Some time went by, and despite them falling in love at their first sight Jenka and Henkist had to pay ways. He realized it was dangerous having fallen in love with her. A while later she started scouring the city for him. It is definitely wrong that she cheated on her husband, what was good is just that the two lovers got back together.

They both held each other strongly. The story doesn’t share too many details, it just points out the two had found their perfect partner. No matter what problems and difficulties it might have, they helped one another.

The lord found out and tortured them, he wanted to prove his point. The two were kept apart in a jail cell, chained away from each other. Through the time they lost weight from not going anywhere and doing nearly nothing. They realized they could finally just take their hands out through the cuffs. They passed away holding one another when the lord came back and saw them just holding each other.

Eventually, despite being through difficulty and pain, we will get the love we desire. It is a sad omen and thought, just rather something to view in a positive fashion.

This could be read the wrong way, rather just take a look at the positive side. The man in the story may not have realized he was falling in love with someone he shouldn’t have. That isn’t what matters, despite what people were doing and accepting you will know the exact point when you find the perfect love.

We can definitely have dreams about what we are wishing for in our lives. It doesn’t matter that some of the things that would occur for us to get those dreams may not be positive. We just need to hold on.

Despite the negative things that have come out of my personal dreams, there will be the correct person stepping in to help fix all the broken pieces. It is only sharing that I know I am slightly flawed, and I will be able to get rid of the negative aspects I don’t enjoy, quite easily, eventually.

Steps into the Direction

I am uncertain about whether the direction is good or bad for me. This is why I’m only sharing I hopefully chose the correct direction. Some of it should be amazing, some of it may potentially be hazardous.

Firstly, I’ve begun my proper exercise again. It, unfortunately, started from scratch again, I had just gotten to the point I stopped. I don’t really know why, but I just wasn’t comfortable. The new plan is a simple plan.

It uses planks, side planks, long arm sit-ups, and bicycle crunches. It starts out slowly with planks, and eases in, from just planks to the point where it’s all 4 exercises in a day. I have made it past the first quarter now and the exercises now become better. It is definitely good for us to exercise, it also helps that it can help muscles grow (and in some cases help them grow back).

Secondly, I will do what I can so the YouTube channel can be better again. It is something that is supposed to be a creative hobby for me. I can still hope it will grow, I just need to bring it back to my foreground. We will still stick to the minimal options.

That is:

  • edg3 ZA – Minecraft
  • Roguelikes, Dungeons, and Adventures – moddedMinecraft
  • Factorio

This will give me 3 roads to travel in creativity. It is better for me to make sure I try to think of things in completely different ways. Just normal block placement limited by the blocks in the game for Minecraft, just adventures through the roguelikes pack, and Factorio can bring the more technical side to the hobby. Electrics, wiring, machinery, and so on.

Thirdly, I will, unfortunately, become distant from certain people. This is only from my own errors that keep coming back. The simplest way to put it is that the English language can make a text message mean one of two things. Either something just friendly or something that hints at something more than just friendship.

I have constantly read text messages over the last 3 years in complete error. It makes it seem like people hint at things as if they want certain things. I will be backing off as I don’t know what to do about people hinting at things constantly. I don’t need the backlash from my difficulties with self-control.

Fourth, I will find the job I need. I could share the story here, but what is the point? All I can share is don’t send me out because being ignored by you causes me to move into anger.

I will find somewhere to work. I don’t know where, or what I will do. I will still be continuing work that I still have, I’m still a private contractor. It is just good for my recovery to spend time out of the house every day. I’ll find somewhere where I won’t get ignored in bad ways.