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There is something interesting in making your own chili sauces. It is something I don’t remember ever trying, and it brought ideas for actually moving into pickling some of them. Note, I honestly measured by my own ideas, that’s why I cannot share it apart from the whims I felt for proportions.

The Ingredients

When combining flavors that are hot, just make sure you pay attention to what you want to make. I am someone that loves the burn, which unfortunately is slightly less for me, less than it happens to be for others tasting what I make.

  • 1 x can All Gold Tomato & Onion Mix
  • Roughly 100-200 ML Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 7 x chilies shown

Take note, as someone that doesn’t usually have too much bite from chilies, and such, I took a small bite of one to taste and nearly exploded. We grow them in our garden. Since I used 7, it seemed alright initially, however, as I tasted it after it stood for a week or two it has a beautiful bite. It may be slightly too hot for others.

The Method

The method was quite simple, anyone could do it. I am slightly doubtful, since it might need quite a bit more to keep it clean.

The initial step should be quite easy to understand. Empty the tin of All Gold into a mixing bowl. Then, pour the vinegar in and mix it. I went by look, feel, and flavor. When I could taste the apple cider vinegar a little I figured it is probably enough.

The interesting note happened to be the colors changing. It’s also due to the fact I spent quite a bit of time grinding the tomatoes. This was purely to make all the pieces smaller. Afterwards, I washed the chilies, and spend some time taking all the pips out after cutting them in half.

The next step is quite simple, I cut each of them up into smaller pieces. Think around 30mm each. I then threw them into the sauce I was making and mixed it for a few minutes. Tasting then I could taste there was a slight chili flavor in the mix.

Followed with wrapping the mix with some plastic, I hadn’t completely thought of how much there was. Because of that, it was slightly difficult to choose what to put it in. A day or two later I managed to form my plan.

It was quite easy, clean the glass bottle and lid. Obviously, as thoroughly as I could by hand. Then I carefully poured the entire mixing bowl into the bottle. Quite a bit happened to stick to the bowl, which thankfully is also a nice sign. I scraped nearly all of it into the glass. I look back at it and figure, my pouring wasn’t measured accurately for the vinegar. I suppose I should have paid more attention to that.

You can no doubt understand, this is the bottle of my chili sauce attempt. I tasted a little and was excited it had a slight burn, instead of just the chili flavor it had before.

Looking Back at it Today

So, since it has had the chance to stand and mature it made sense to share it finally. I took half a teaspoon to taste it for adding it here. I got quite a beautiful medium range burn. I already believe it might be too hot for the people that I see regularly, oops.

I’ve also been thinking about it. Like I shared, I most likely should have put quite a bit more vinegar in it? The vinegar is to keep it safer for longer, it is quite likely I should have looked around for amounts and quantities for myself. How would we consider the amount compared to the lifespan of this sauce I made?

The other thing I’ve been thinking happens to be the amount of the very hot chilies from the garden. I debated even putting more than 7 in, saying to myself “I wonder if 7 will be enough…” Sure, I love the burn, it just doesn’t pay attention to the lifespan. Over time it matures, due to the ingredients, what should I pay attention to in the future if I make it again?