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Today happens to be a day I am trying to bring everything back to a new light. The are several reasons that this feels slightly incorrect to me, the first happens to be that the half-year update is slightly delayed in arrival.

Today there will be more than one post, simply to try and get things going again.

The Afterthoughts

Starting with the end of why I thought of doing this will potentially help make more sense. I wanted to write a post a week, it is a slight stumbling block. I am definitely not consistent everywhere I try to be.

This should hopefully help me open up the consistency in other areas in my life. My theory is that paying attention to what I’ve done could possibly help me think of more I can do.

The Summary

This summary should look quite simple, and be easy to understand:

Update 20/6/2019:

That happens to be 19 posts so far this year. There happens to be 52 weeks in a year on average, rarely 53. This equates to roughly 36.5% so far this year. I missed out on roughly 7 5 posts due to the strange circumstances I went through.

I figure I should pick it up and do quite a bit more, so that is the plan.

Pick it Back Up

Let us begin with the start of the year. Starting game development, and wrapping MonoGame. I happen to have a long list built for suggestions of what to share in terms of game development. I should take the time to make it, that way I can schedule those. We should perhaps take a look at the topic Day 1: Designing within your capabilities. This should be an important note for the games I am working on, and the designs I chose.

That brings light on Dungeon of the Endless, and SokoBomber 2. I potentially should have paid more attention to my capabilities when designing what I have chosen for them. Honestly? Procedural generation for a world in Dungeon happens to be something manageable. Generating puzzles happens to be something completely different, it brings tons of difficulties to the updated version of SokoBomber.

That is why I should allocate 2 days for myself. Progress on Dungeon, and progress on SokoBomber.

Next happens to be finishing novel 2 for myself still. I also need to then start 3rd, through to 6th. The thoughts happen to be interesting then, I definitely find it easier for two categories. First, digital reading happens to flow easier for me. Secondly, I get through books about programming way faster. I’m trying to decide by the time I finish number 2.

That happens to be only 3 ideas for posts. Obviously, if anyone has any ideas they are welcome to share them with me. The next few ideas for what I should do happen to be using NaNoE, which would no doubt-ably bring updates, to write short stories. At least a few ideas for stories have been shared, so I can start with that.

The first of the 5 I have available will be called The Lab Mystery. Without spoiling what it is about, it is a mystery sci-fi story within the real world.

Hence, I may be sharing short stories to take a look at my writing. Similarly, it can allow others to help me with their feedback.

This happens to be the short update we need, this is to keep things simple to actually get back to the actual consistency.