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We had a public holiday on Monday June 17th, 2019, for fathers day. We chose to head out to visit Dinokeng again, as we had been there before. It turned into quite a fun holiday.

The Day’s Trip

We headed in Ndlovu Entrance Gate, marker 500, and moved South from 459 to 447. This is the first half of the green marked a line on the featured map. We happened to see a few springbok first, then some blou wildebeest. We happened to see quite a few squads of blou wildebeest on this game drive. When getting closer to marker 447 we happened to see zebras, eland, and blesbok.

We headed up from 447 to the main road and happened to see more zebras and some ostriches. We headed through to 407, then over the river to 300, then headed north along the river. Halfway up to marker 54, we happened to see giraffes crossing the road. Please, ladies and gentlemen, when you’re older don’t get annoyed and race past the cars blocking the way just because we are waiting carefully and watching.

We headed up to the dam around marker 429, then followed that with quickly moving on the main road till marker 230. We headed clockwise over the area there, seeing mostly impala, and towards the exit we happened to see a giraffe. That happens to be marked yellow, then orange, then the start of red on the featured image.

We headed over the main road, then followed from marker 225 all the way through to 218. We headed south around the safari lodge, towards 226. From there it was a trip south until marker 313. We did see some warthogs on that section of the trip, more kudus and a few ostriches.

We ended up stopping at the picnic site at the end of the red line. It happened to be full, so we decided to go through to the restaurant and brewery at 34. We saw mostly eland, zebras, and kudu on that section of the trip. You will note we took the 4×4 oriented section that way.

Since Arlington was closed for the public holiday it made sense to try one more time for lunch. We headed down to Veldjierondom Picnic Site. There were quite a few people there having lunch, however, they had tons of space still open. So we stopped and had some lunch, chatting about our pasts, our presents, and the futures for ourselves.

After lunch we headed up the dark blue line to the exit, and along the light blue line to get back on the highway north of Pretoria to come home.

We saw quite a lot of the animals in the reserve, it happened to make it quite a nice family outing.

Photo Sharing

For thinking about photos, which I must be doing regularly currently, I looked through them all to choose a few to have thoughts about. Any opinions, and insights, are most welcome. I would love to make sure my hobby of the photos fits its needs over the next few months.

Also note, some are my photos, some are from my friend who came with us on the game drive. This is more focused on thinking through different ideas for my styles in photography. Which looks better or best? I would love to hear peoples thoughts.

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5
Image 6
Image 7
Image 8
Image 9

The above images are the ones that I felt were the best, because of that I would love to hear what people have to say. My favorites are 2 and 8, where 9 is quite close to them.