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There are great reasons behind exercising, it is something we should do regularly. One thing that has been slightly difficult for me to stick to has been exercising regularly.

I figured with my thoughts, ideas and plans it would be perfect to get back into it by doing this. Similarly, I was also asked to share a bit in exercise plans. I now have someone challenging themselves by joining me in these exercises. So, the easiest is to share where the exercise is going.

Please note, all thoughts and ideas shared here are my own. This is the personal plan for exercises, use anything shared here at your own risk. Please consult your physician before starting any exercise program. Anything external is under the copyright of their respective owners, it is under their control.

The Reasoning

It is simply something to take note of, as someone who is mostly in IT it is definitely something to pay attention to. What if I spend all day, every day, just sitting in front of a computer? There is quite a lot to consider for yourself, though, this isn’t just to fit a category like you my lose weight. This is meant to be a good way to slowly burn the fat off your body. Similarly, you can reduce the chances of other bad omens such as type 2 diabetes.

As someone who is trying his best to stick to achieving proper recovery it can be better to also take steps that help you go further in the directions you need to go.

Your muscles will require less oxygen to move and they will produce less carbon dioxide. This will immediately reduce the amount of air you will need to breathe in and out for a given exercise.

Your Lungs and Exercise

Consider that, your muscles will require less oxygen? Take note that because the brain uses about 25 percent of your oxygen intake, supplying it with enough oxygen is essential. When you exercise you make your body’s muscles require less oxygen, this means your blood oxygen level will stay higher, meaning, of course, that your brain will be guaranteed to have a better supply.

Your heart rate will be, on average, lower as it needs to send less oxygen to keep your brain completely supplied. When you need to think through more things, perform more, perceive things better, or even just feel better, it is definitely something to pay attention to.

This brings the thoughts and ideas behind the two sets below. Take note that it is recommended we have 150 minutes of aerobic activity in a week, plus a bit of strength training. The ideas from that boil down to roughly 30 minutes 5 days a week, or roughly 21 minutes a day. These exercise sets aren’t completely there. For the second one, it is quite an intense bodyweight exercise, whereas the first one is aimed at being an introduction.

For both, the first will be what I change to my “warm up” routine, which I will probably do 2 or 3 sets. The second will try to get the 3 sets, I am currently struggling after the first one. Your sets should be chosen by your comfort, if you haven’t been exercising for too long you will definitely feel that it might be slightly too much. Stick to your limits, just make sure your body feels that you did exercise afterwards.

For the “daily”? Definitely try to exercise enough every week, I will be sticking to 3 days exercise, increasing in difficulty each day. 1 day rest. 2 days exercise increasing similarly, then 1 day rest.

  • Monday: 2 sets first, 1 set second
  • Tuesday: 2 sets first, 2 sets second
  • Wednesday: 3 sets first, 2 sets second
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: 3 sets first, 2 sets second
  • Saturday: 3 sets first, 3 sets second
  • Sundar: Rest

Take note, these aren’t the days I will be sticking to for this. I just wanted to give the example of my ideas on the sets and repetitions. The rule of thumb being that you do a set, wait a short time, then do the next set. Everyone always argues about this, I try to keep the rest time between 15 to 30 seconds max.

First Exercises

I can say I am sorry if this may seem like too much for anybody, it is just something that your body will eventually be able to handle.

  • 10: Push-ups
  • 10: Forward alternating lunge (5 left, 5 right)
  • 60 second: Plank
  • 10: Superman
  • 10: Bird dog
  • 10: Sit-ups

Take note, this takes me roughly 4 minutes. I struggle mostly with the sit-ups. If we add 30 seconds rest to the set used twice, then the Monday would have 9 minutes exercise so far (or, roughly, 13m30s on the more intense days).

This gives you the starting exercises for the easing into exercises. From that we can slowly, but surely, get you into doing more exercises. 10 push-ups might be too much for you, if you can do 6 then feel your muscles strain too much? That is the number you use. In a few weeks, see if you can do 7, and so on. If you can’t hold a plank for 60 seconds? Watch the time with you collapsed, if you are nearing the collapse at near 40 seconds? You can stop and rest.

This is meant to be something to use as the entry into more intense exercises. If you struggle with this rather just stick to it alone until you feel after a week or two it is becoming easy.

Second Exercises: Home Workout to Build Muscle (NO EQUIPMENT)

This is an exercise set made by BarbarianBody, on YouTube. There are quite a few sets I have tried out over the years. For me personally, I struggled to find one that fit with my body. This happened to be awesome, after the first test I felt like I had been doing the proper exercise again. Obviously, please take care, I did not create this plan.

  • 10: 3s Negative Push-ups
  • 10: Shoulder Push-ups
  • 12: Alternating Arm/Leg Lift Plank (6 each side)
  • 12: Lunge Jumps (6 each side)
  • 12: Single Leg Glute Bridges (6 each side)
  • 10: Pendulum Legs (5 each side)

Today I’ll be showing you a KILLER home muscle building workout that requires absolutely no equipment! All you need is your body weight to perform this home workout. We’ll be going through 6 muscle and mass building exercises that are designed to add size to your frame. Let’s get it!


Take note, with this sharing you should personally take care of what you are doing. I mustn’t jump as prescribed by the Lunge Jumps, that takes it to 12 Lunges for me. You should also take care of your own body, and where it is needed you are welcome to adjust the exercise plan.

This takes me roughly 3m30s, so it adds between 3m30s and 10m30s to the weeks’ exercises. It is quite simple, but it definitely makes the muscles feel it was a proper exercise set. Hence, it is something I’m keeping and sticking to for quite a while now.

The Mathematics

Take note, we should do our best to get 150 minutes of exercise in a week.

  • Day 1: 9m + 3m30s =12m30s
  • Day 2: 9m + 7m = 16m
  • Day 3: 13m30s + 7m = 20m30s
  • Day 5: 13m30s + 7m = 20m30s
  • Day 6: 13m30s + 10m30s = 24m

This becomes a total of 93m30s roughly in exercise time and schedule for the week. What you should also do is every day or two go for a long walk, go and do laps in your pool for a few minutes, ride your bicycle around the block. This is meant to help with getting to 150 minutes a week.

Similarly, I dislike photos of myself, so I wont be sharing photos/gifs of the exercises. I just hope it is something people like, and are interested in. Obviously, if there are any adjustments, or if there is anything missing, just let me know. I would love to make this exercise set feel even better for myself.

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