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As part of keeping the blog content running, and the fact that we are closer to NaNoWriMo this year, I figured I should get some practice. This was I can get better at writing, and I can also share I have suggested plots for short stories so I’m not ever worried.

This is using NaNoE for myself, looking for where I should take the editing for this years NaNoWriMo.

Humans have discovered a way to communicate directly with animals, and all the meat they consume is lab-created.

Plot idea

Taking note of the plot above, it isn’t to have a story that exactly says what is in the suggested plot. It happens to just be an idea about what you will write. You can take some creative liberty with any of these.

Chapter 1

“Here boy,” Albert waved his hands, trying his best to coax Jimmy in.

                The little chubby pug, named Jimmy Chew, was running around the circular inflatable portable little pool. Andrew forgot to pack it away after they emptied it yesterday, the 35 degree heat was perfect for a little swim. There wasn’t anything else there, Jimmy was yapping and running as if he was chasing something.

                “Jimmy…” Albert let out a sigh, “JIMMY! HERE BOY!” He slapped his thigh to make some noise.

                Jimmy instantly stopped and gazed straight up, panicking, at Albert.

                “Come here boy,” Andrew was waving to show inside the house, “we are ready to do something extremely interesting today!”

                In an instant, Jimmy was yapping again, as he raced inside the house, he got up onto the dining room table as quickly as he could. He yapped twice more, stopped, looked around and saw Albert’s breakfast bowl was still there. Jimmy instantly got up, rushed over, he began licking whatever he could get.

                Albert, panicking as the plate nearly immediately gets pushed off the table, jumps over, grab it from in front of Jimmy as quickly as he can. Jimmy immediately sits in a pose showing he is unimpressed, he begins yapping again.

                “Sorry boy,” Albert puts the bowl in the dishwashing machine as quickly as he can. As he turns he sees a flash of his face in the mirror. He pauses for a moment considering the fact that Emily wants to dye it green for him, there isn’t really any reason for him to dye his brown hair at all.

                He glances down at the clock on the table in front of the mirror, seeing his flabby belly he wants to get rid of, the panic hits him. Its 8:47 now, he wanted to start testing at 8:30, oh dear…

                In the middle of 2019, they managed to create the most amazing implant. The implant turns brain signals into synthesized speech. Think about that, an implant that can make words using your brains signals?

Chapter 2

The best part? Dr. Albert Coutino is a neurologist, specialising in aphasia, the problems with abilities to communicate. They happened to be looking for doctors to study its use when they finished it a few months ago. The phone call was the best to get on a Monday morning.

                “Uhh… Good morning Dr. … Al… Bert… Do you have a few moments?” it wasn’t a voice Albert recognised, it sounded worried about calling him.

                “Hi there, Dr. Coutino speaking. Please call the front office, I don’t…” Albert used the usual monotone voice for calls.

                “No, no…” in more of a panic the voice interrupted him, “I am not calling to make a booking, sorry. I am Dr. Delmon from UCSF, have you been reading the news? You would have seen us?”

                Albert sat there, it was slowly sinking in. Last year he had seen they were in the process of making an interface that interpreted the brains signals. It could be used by people that couldn’t get their voice to work, it would be something you would have to implant. Eventually, with a worried sigh, Albert was asked “are you still there?”

                They constantly talked about it, finding out more about it, for around an hour. They were shipping it all the way around the world to Albert for testing. It arrived 3 days ago, a package containing 3 of them. That evening, Emily was looking at it with him.

                “So,” Emily was staring at the one cable, the one connecting the pad that gets inserted into the brain to a vocal speaker. “This can turn any brain signal into a word for us to hear, right?” She slowly turned it over.

                “Yes,” Albert put his one down and came over to sit at the dining room table with her. “You look like you have something on your mind.” He carefully took it from her and held it against his head behind the ear. You could hear slight noises coming out the speaker. “I thought of doing this at the office, the signals are close to the skin here so you can hear it.”

                Emily’s mouth was opened stretching her jaw out, “Oh… My… Gosh…” She quickly snatched it from Albert, giving him a little fright. She instantly put it onto Jimmy’s neck below the head, he was sleeping on her lap.

                “… ain … ain … ain ..” came out the little voice speaker. Somehow, it was definitely seeing something from the little chubby pug.

                They both sat there, their mouths gaping.

                “If I can…” Albert jumped up eventually, “get it into… Jimmy can…”

                Emily immediately understood, “we might be able to make Jimmy talk…” She jumped up, giving Jimmy on her lap, sleeping, and the biggest fright.

                They spent the next few days making sure they knew exactly how they could get this to work.

Chapter 3

Today is going to be the day, it was really interesting to work out how to turn the device off. Never mind doing an intense operation on a pug? How could a neurologist even do that? This could be the day he makes his name out there in the world. It is always something that everyone would love to do.

                “Emi…” Albert lifted his voice to clean her, then jerked down in a screech.

                “Hello pumpkin,” Emily kissed him as she also jabbed his sides.

                Albert nearly died, he even nearly head-butt the table as his body folded from the little pokes. After a moment, his breathing was becoming calm again, “please… Not today…” He stuck his tongue out at Emily.

                Emily burst out in laughter, “sorry my love, I shouldn’t have put lipstick on today…” She patted his shoulder. She glanced at the smear of lipstick on his cheek again.

                “Why is that a problem?” Albert gave her a kiss, he continued “now, are you ready for Jimmy to talk to us today?”

                Emily was still giggling, “Yeah, let’s turn it on.” They had removed the battery pod for the operation, rather for safety inserting it into Jimmy’s head.

                Jimmy was sitting there comfortably on the table watching the two of them. Albert carefully picked up the little light battery pack and connected it on the cable. It was bound so it would stay safely on Jimmy’s collar.

                “… ood … food … food …” coming from Jimmy’s speaker right as the battery was connected.

                Their mouths agape, Albert and Emily just stood there with wide eyes looking at Jimmy.

                Jimmy just glanced at each of them, no idea what was happening at all.

                “I’ll… Just get some…” Emily batted Albert’s shoulder by accident as she walked into the kitchen.

                Albert didn’t even feel or hear that, he picked up his phone. He didn’t even know who, or why, but the phone was ringing.

                “Hello Albert, how can I help you today?” Whoever it was had just woken up, they sounded extremely tired.

                “Jimmy… Listen…” Albert immediately held the phone in front of the speaker for a few moments.

                “I made Jimmy talk…” Albert eventually brought it back to talk.

                Dead silence on the other end, Albert didn’t need to hear anything. He just waited.

                “You called me… Head of the research… For your pug…” A deep sigh escaped, “we can talk to animals now… What did you just do?”

                “I don’t know… Emily had ideas…”

                Emily placed a bowl of food in front of Jimmy, instantly what was being said changed completely.

                “… food … food … good … good … no … taste … good … hungry … why … hoo … mahn … kill … live … but … no … hungry … hoo … mahn … kill … no …” came from Jimmy’s thoughts.

                They just stood there staring as it was sinking in. What are we doing as people? The fact that we can now talk to animals now is surely what should be most impressive today. The fact that a pug just pointed out we are bad to the animals on Earth? It was a deep thought that was sinking in for the start of their day. At least Jimmy was also enjoying eating to get rid of his hunger.

End Credits

I doubt “End Credits” is the correct name to use. This just gives me something quick I can do whenever I don’t have a blog post already planned or prepared. I’m still trying to get into writing more, and this way I can please hear from people what they think about my writing styles.

Similarly, if you have suggestions for what to add to NaNoE you are more than welcome to let me know. I love new ideas, I just can’t think of much at the moment to add.