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So, my other projects found a few fundamental flaws. I don’t have any NoIR photos to share for the venue where I wrote for my NaNoWriMo entry. That isn’t a problem though, it turned out to be an awesome weekend.

So, photos will be shown below mostly, but we got to 22,691 words this weekend. That is where we will draw our Day 10 line. It is something that feels awesome, I just happened to get here and I’m excited.

The Book Discussion

Through slight flaws, I lost a lot of time last week. In the time I managed to personally fix my car, and give it a full service. We should never cut corners, we shouldn’t just throw anything away through anyone else’s opinions.

Yes, that more or less sums it up. When you get a quote that says a minimum of several thousand you should just say “alright, I will let you know if I will come through.” If you put in the effort you can cut that back to several hundred instead.

Sure, time can be an issue for people, but don’t let that cut you down. Whatever fits best is what you should do. I just need to be pedantic at everything to do with my money. So, my NaNoWriMo time was cut a little bit by the other side of my life. This is definitely not anywhere near a complaint, just a note on time associations.


So, without further adieu, I took a few photos this weekend while I was camping far from home!

The relaxing lunchtime chill

At the lunchtime chill, I made an effort to get a few more words. You can understand that after a long day you also need a moment or two to relax and enjoy your time.

Today’s Quotes
Building his nest
Have a buck

I’ve noticed with this camera, this being the first time using it, it doesn’t do much in long distances. So I’ll be adjusting it more. (This isn’t the NoIR though)

Have your average scenery
I sat here for 30 minutes writing, the relaxing seat
The sunset as we headed to the camp