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We have a few small updates to NaNoE at this point in time.

There isn’t any important reason, it literally came from my edits for my first novel. I notice it would need addition and I then add it.

1: Added “Import DocX”

I, essentially, had two separate saves for Accidental Distances. Last year’s 55k words (didn’t win NaNo yet but got around there towards the end of January), and this year’s 51k words. This is technically for book one.

I needed to connect the two together and figured “Why not just export as DocX, use Word to put them together, then import the DocX for creating it.” Using minimal additions we just open a DocX file, name the new database, then let it do its work. It could take some time if your DocX is quite lengthy. It took around a minute for mine.

The only notes for the updated NaNoE: It will be available on Github for you to compile, and it hasn’t been tested thoroughly since I want to stick to my edits.

If people need that sooner I’ll gladly update the NaNoE download before the end of NaNoWriMo this year.

2: Profanity Check

This might not what people would want, I just prefer to not use any profanity in my novels. I added a filter to show unacceptable words, this only came from listening to my book since finishing it. “My door snapped s**t,” Technically it fits for grammar and spelling. it’s just profane. I don’t want that in my novels.

Anyone that wants them in their novels can just ignore it if they’re using NaNoE.

Finally: Where did this come from?

I bound Accidental Distances from last year (which I didn’t complete to this year’s NaNo entry. This brought the novel I love to 105,085 words through 44 chapters. I decided for the first edit I won’t let my mind distract me. I’ll leave them all as is and focus on the edit.

There are 3318 paragraphs in NaNoE, so I would like to go through editing 664 of them a day this Monday to Friday. I will do my best to actually do that this week.

This comes from having so much fun just listening to my novel being read to me. Let’s live by the dream I can publish my novel this year!

Please note, if you’re using NaNoE and need the updated version please let me know, I’d appreciate it. I’m just focusing on writing my novel right now and have no idea if anyone is using NaNoE yet.