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We’re delving into the land of review. This is an interesting thought, I simply figure it’s good to take a look at the last year.

Thanks for the regular visitors I’ve had for the year. It’s been an interesting idea to try and write a little more. I must point out I’m looking at working out more I can do here for the new year.

Just to point it out, it would seem nobody visited here in my birthday Month. (Insert smile with tongue stuck out here 😛 ) I’m sure people did visit, I just don’t know why this could happen anyway. I know I was here a little, yet it isn’t visible.

Thanks to everyone around the world that came through, I appreciate the support!

As you will note, the first half of the year’s posts are listed here. The second half are as follows:

That is 21 posts in the first half, then 32 for the res of the year. That makes it 53 posts last year, neat!

There will be more this year, just let me know any ideas you have for what to try out and write about. I’m quite open.

The Successes

There are several places in the plans for last year we were successful. Sure, it isn’t edited yet, but Accidental Distances is at over 115,000 words!

I’m working as an external contractor at the moment, so thankfully I’m able to keep myself busy. The system I’m working on alone, currently, is nearly complete.

On The Other Side

We’re nearing episode 100 in our single player Minecraft series, and we got invited to Unorthoblocks SMP (survival multiplayer server). It gives a comfortable relaxing method to keep myself relaxed when needing some “time off” of thinking.

I’m also distracted with several miniature problems I had throughout the year, but for where I brought errors: I apologize. For those that did anything bad towards me, I forgive you. I won’t ever hold on to what you brought, just note I will keep my distance for my safety.

2020’s Plans

I promised a lot at the beginning of last year. I don’t want to dig my hole too deep this time, I struggle to read through physical books still, so I can’t promise to read a book a month. This year I’ll rather stick to trying to finish a few books, perhaps try a minimum of one series for myself.

Yes, only the physical books. I will try my best.

The second thing this year is I finally have a phone that works with ARCore, so since I would love to try make an AR game for some fun I will share a bit more game development. I’d love to finish SokoBomber 2, it’s just a slow process where I’m slowly learning more in procedural generation for it.

Similarly to what I did in 2018 I will work out what to do for NaNoWriMo this year, eventually. I’ll also work out if I will write book 2 for Accidental Distances, though I’ll get my first edit draft read by my trusted associates before making those plans.