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The idea for writing a post weekly has several flaws for me. I simply stick to an attempt to only post whatever I’m successful in. Sure, it may perhaps be alright to always show what I succeed with, yet I still fail to manage my dream of at least one post a week.

Dropping into my blog’s writers block, so to speak, I have found and compiled a list of ideas for what I might post about. To start that out, and fix my missed weeks so far, today we will consider the idea of character traits.

The Definition

Character traits are valued aspects of a person’s behavior.

Your Dictionary

When you consider your character traits it would, most definitely, be important to try your best to not be biased about your opinions. Your opinion of yourself is protective of you, so it would make sense to try and look at yourself as a different person.

You shouldn’t beat yourself on the back too hard, but it could potentially cause you to consider things you might want to adjust in your life.

That being said, everything below happens to be my external view of myself. Suggestions are welcome in a minimal extent, if you can help with anything. Please, rather don’t just choose to try and change me. Change can be difficult, mind you, this is just the “random blog topic,” so to speak.

Note, the thought of myself as I see myself as a completely different person is what I share below. This is personal, and about me. Nothing directed towards other people, at all, ever.

Consider Your Strengths

My main strengths come from my loving optimism, I will love everyone, and everything, no matter what might occur. I seem to stick to persisting in whatever I’m hopeful for, it is usually through the love I feel.

I would figure this is why I’m quite a generous person, it fits my spirituality and optimism. I just prefer to be the friend anybody ever needs.

Well, sure, this means it can bring troubles at times, don’t forget that. I could be, clearly, seen as someone that will accept any trouble introduced by someone else. Since they’re already a person that I love I clearly can’t help them behave, so to speak.

The behave mentioned above is something that can be something I should work out how to fix for my future. It may be classes as a good value to be extremely tolerant, though tolerance should have a clearly defined border. My determination happens to cause me to stick to the dream of a better future.

This means I will often tolerate ill treatment, just since I am determined to succeed with anything. I figure it is easiest to see as the fact that I seem to love with optimism. It is, technically, not a good thing since it can cause several dangers. I figure my optimism takes its control to point out things can always be repaired.

Consider Your Weaknesses

The biggest issue I know I have would happen to be that I’m rude when I get any anger. Through an interesting discussion with several people, in relation to my injury, it is definitely visible. The big issue is that I’m mostly impatient, which on its own causes me to become a petty quarreler.

It’s definitely something that I find quite harsh out of myself, but, in a thankful manner, I’m glad that my actions seeing a psychologist for recovery is slowly, but surely, taking the quarrel out of me again.

That being said, I’m quite unforgiving. Sure, since I’m loving I don’t lose the love, despite the fact it should be removed completely, despite the fact that I was treated ill.

The unfortunate side is I became completely unforgiving after specific circumstances. As mentioned above I’m unable to be patient, this had lead to a circumstance after my injury that hurt me like hell.

I used to be forgiving, and I allowed a person that I shared my love for in the past back in. Consider the fact that person treated me ill when I had last spoke to them? I didn’t consider that fact, at all. I acted on impulse as they acted towards me in a loving way. I pointed out to them they would need to keep in touch with me, they didn’t at all, yet I’m the bad person.

This lead to me swapping over to being unforgiving. Sure, my dreams from how loving I am have lead to other troubles, as well. It has just lead me to become the most unforgiving person now, I hold people to what they do and say, no matter what.

After Thoughts

I’m aware that who I am as a person may hurt people, and what I share here some people may take as a harmful jab. I live with the struggle to express my thoughts, and emotions. Consider that in four years I am still embarrassed when I try to say something, yet accidentally use the completely incorrect word.

This has already caused several amusing conversations, it just unfortunately also means I’ve said things that offended several people greatly. It happens regularly, unfortunately, to the point that all I can say is I apologize for whatever I said in error.

From that note, despite losing my confidence I’m still attempting to be confident these days. That is why I almost have my work project complete, this can lead to awesome possibilities in the near future already!

Please note, I may have given forgiveness, but please take note that I’m fundamentally unforgiving at this point. If people ever wanted to have full forgiveness they would see me face to face and make an effort to help fix my flaws, not just call me out on them constantly. We all have our flaws…

As a reminder: This is personal, and about me. Nothing directed towards other people, at all, ever.