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A meaty crunchy enjoyment

There’s quite a simple method, though takes a bit of time, to make yourself a pizza. I mean, this isn’t to turn you into a 5 star Michelin style pizzeria chef, but you can create the most amazing mix for your pizza just as you want it. Let’s share a way to make yourself 2 pizzas for yourself.

The methods aren’t completely measured in time, it just requires you to pay attention to what you’re making as a whole.

Pizza Dough


  • 2 cups flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon of sugar
  • 1 envelope yeast
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 250ml luke warm water
  • 1 1/2 table spoons of olive oil


Keep in mind, if the dough becomes too watery: add a touch more flour. If the dough gets too floury: add a touch more water. You will feel what you’d need to do for making it better in any circumstances: do it, the dough may need a slight adjustment in the amounts used. It will be nearly exact with the above, so if you add a touch more by accident: don’t worry too much.

  1. Add all the liquid ingredients together in a mixing bowl
  2. Add half the flour and knead it into the mix
  3. Add more flour till it feels it is all incorporated and stretchy
  4. Spray an oven safe bowl to put it in with some Spray and Cook
  5. Put the dough into the bowl
  6. Cover with a drying cloth and let it rise

If it is cold, you can put your oven to a low temperature of 50 degrees Celsius and put it in for an hour or two, you’re waiting for it to double it’s size.

When it looks ready you can knead and divide it as you see fit, you will then roll it out. You can use a touch of flour to keep it from sticking to the counter top you use. Similarly, you can use a rolling pin to flatten it out into the size that covers your pizza pans.

You can then lay it onto your pizza pans, add some flour first so it wont stick, and put it in the oven at 200 degrees until it looks ready. Not brown, just like it has been baked a touch to hold itself together.

You don’t want to leave dough lying over the sides of your pizza pan, you can cut it off, we just figured we would fold it back in an ease it around a little. Waste not, it means the crust around the sides will be a touch thicker, it still fits the idea of a minimal quick pizza. I enjoy the slightly thicker crusts.

Making dough can be fun

Create Your Pizza

When the dough looks like it has risen to double you can take it out the oven, be careful it’s quite hot.

You are more than welcome to make the toppings as thick as you want to, just try to not be too excessive.

First, put the tomato paste all around the pizza area. Not entirely all the way to the sides, you can be liberal as you please, just note we used one All Gold Tomato Paste Sachet roughly halved and spread onto both pizzas. Then, add a little bit of a cheese layer, minimal, you ingredients, and then the rest of your cheese.

The warmed dough, tomato paste, and first layer of cheese

We used roughly 100g cheddar cheese and a packet of 400g mozarella for ourselves, you can use the cheeses of your choice. We grated the cheese, chose personally to keep them separate, and that the cheese we used.

For the ingredients, such as meat, we fried what we needed to, and chopped up the cold-meats we chose. We decorated the top of our cakes with our ingredients and covered it with the rest of the cheese.

The meat was added on that first cheese layer
With the cheeses added we plop it in the oven

We gave it roughly 10 minutes for the first half, then swapped the two and waited another rough 10 minutes.

You can check, and wait, until it looks like the glorious pizza you will enjoy. Simple, quite quick, and you should understand we weren’t too worried about the timing.

Enjoy Your Pizzas

One of the above pizzas, mine to be precise

You then no doubt can cut it into slices, put your pizza on a plate, and head through to enjoy your new meal!

Before lunch celebrating our home made success!

Ours turned out to be thin crust pizza with a thicker border, with an awesome amount of cheese and meat. A great way to celebrate lunch that we felt like making together.