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Due to the worlds circumstances, be sure to stay safe and up to date with everything that is happening.


There’s one thing that adds difficulty with social distancing, the house can get troublesome. Somewhat boring, mind you. I worked from home in the past, however can rarely get out to somewhere new to relax. So, my recommendation is do what I did: go out for a game drive. Your pay for entry can help the reserve with costs for protecting the wildlife it has in it!

The easiest option for us, thankfully, is that private game drives are allowed under the lock-down restrictions! Get your close family that lives with you, get your closest friend(s) and head out to see the wildlife in the game reserves that are now open in South Africa.

Dinokeng Game Reserve is one of them, it is within Gauteng so you can understand when you are allowed to take the trip within the province.

Our route, from green, to dark orange.

We had fun, saw a lot of game, and got tons of photos. I picked out the nicest ones to show everyone, once again.

Make sure you stay safe, keep social distancing, and be careful everyone!

Photos from R.P.’s Phone Camera

Loves Giraffes
Me with my camera
The close proximity
Yet another giraffe
They didn’t mind us at all

The Photos From a Nikon D70

Yes, I like them too
The pretty bird view
The couple
The leopard sighting
The second angle

The Photos From My Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W800

The lonely one
We inched ever closer
He inspected us a little
The finale


Stay vigilent.

Stay Safe.

We’ve all got this.

If you want the full res images, you can pick them up in 2020.07.06-edg3-ZA-Dinokeng.rar, 62.2mb.