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On the 4th August last year we tested out making our own cake decorated with mirror glaze. Since everything is changing in 2020 for all of us, I figured perhaps we should step in to looking at the mirror glaze again.

Running Glaze

Note, this is for a medium to large size cake, not the smaller cake we used.

The Ingredients

  • 20g Gelatin Powder
  • 120ml Water (Step 1)
  • 280g Liquid Glucose
  • 300g Sugar
  • 150ml Water (Step 3)
  • 200g Sweetened Condense Milk
  • 320g White Chocolate
  • Food Colouring (Your Choices)

Please note the two measurements of water should be separate.



Firstly, prepare the cake you want to use before. Put a layer of icing sugar all over the cake. Make sure it is flat for yourself. You need to completely freeze the cake before you start the mirror glaze steps below.

This took us roughly 45-60 Minutes.

Gelatin in water, steps 1 to 2

1. Add your gelatin to the water of Step 1 above, give it a stir to mix it all in.

2. Set it to the side.

Measuring the glucose

3. Boil the water of Step 3 above, mix in the sugar and glucose well, watch the temperature.

4. When the temperature goes higher than 100°C take it off the heat.

5. Whisk in this gelatin mix we made in Step 2.

Whisk the gelatin and condense milk in, Step 6.

6. One the gelatin is mostly whisked in add the condense milk and whisk it all thoroughly together.

7. When fully whisked put your white chocolate, broken to pieces, into a heat proof bowl.

Pour the mix over your white chocolate, Step 8.

8. Pour the mixture over the white chocolate.

9. Whisk or stir it until the mixture is completely melted and mixed together.

Some of our colours. Black, blue, and Purple.

10. Split up the mixture to bowls for the amount of each colour you want, add some of each food colouring for the colours you want.

11. Slowly mix it in; try not to make bubbles.

12. When it seems cool enough, around 28 to 30°C, you can move on to pouring.

13. Place your frozen cake on something that holds it up, keep it on something that can have the mess from the liquid.

14. Pour it, water it all around so to speak, all over your cake.

15. You can use different piping bags for lines of different colours, you can mix them together a bit carefully, and such things as you please. We just poured it out all over the cake with no troubles.

16. Let it settle in a cool place, then you can enjoy your cake with mirror glaze icing!

The final mirror glaze we made!

We chose some purple and blue to make smaller amounts, we then mixed them carefully in to our larger black dye amount. We also didn’t show it above, but used a 4th small amount for the red dye to make the heart using a heart cookie cutter. Similarly, sprinkled a little cake decoration glitter for ourselves as well.

We accidentally poured a full layer on, then a second layer. From those lumps on the side you can tell we shouldn’t have poured it a second time. It was perfectly flat before we poured another layer, we regretted that decision.


There we go, you should have a cake you will enjoy eating covered in Mirror Glaze!