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As a reminder, we have troublesome circumstances currently, please be sure to stay up to date with everything.


Since we’re meant to keep social distancing for ourselves, we are mostly stuck at home. If you live in the Free State, just north west of Lesotho, you could contact Koranna Getaway for a visit.

The communal lapa in one of their camping areas

Today we will share a little of what can be seen around their hills.

Rather, don’t mistake the locations and names of other places available there, you can take a look at where it actually is. They will also help you work out the route to take.

Photos from the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W800 and a Samsung A30

Just a few nice snaps to show off what you can see on their 4×4 routes and in their camp sites.

First, you can take a look at a small few sections of what is available at the larger communal campsite.

A few of their rooms
A small concrete fire area
The wildlife is always awesome to see
Outside the communal lapa are some areas you can braai outside in
The lapa has tons of decorations, they show some skins, hides, and bones. There’s quite a lot more than this little bit.

The view of the sun at sunrise can be awesome. Please note, the images below are scaled down way more, unfortunately. You can get the full size in the download at the end.

Just always remember, please, don’t ever look directly at the sun. It will damage your eyes. I only looked at the camera at an angle that my eyes were nowhere near the sunlight. Stay safe!

Just before the sun starts to come up
It will begin to peak over the horizon
The light drifts all around

Now, to show off a few of the awesome views along their 4×4 trails.

The glorious looking pit
Mountains have interesting rock formations
The view down from the top of the mountains
The birds nests can be cute
Along the river line
Just a nice view
The sun gave its warmth
The plants make nice scenery
A little more of the rocks
The still water along the river bed
Cute decorative branches
Another wall of the riverbed
A look out on a hill
The plants are starting to grow again
It’s quite the flat plateau
The wind came up and tons of clouds flew over
The trees by the entrance currently

As you can see, they have a nice little decorated camp site that you can stay at, yet if you don’t own a tent you could rent a room. For safety, make sure you clean everything, and take care – you can contact them for more details and information to go there yourself for a day, or two, to get out the house for a change.


Stay vigilent.

Stay safe.

We’ve all got this.

The full res images are available here for you to pick them up if you’d like: