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As you can no doubt see in the featured image, I didn’t quite catch up enough yesterday like I wanted to. It isn’t a problem, yet, it’s just ‘slow going’, so to speak.

First, please note, it says 1 word on 2/11/2020, I wrote a lot, updated the NaNoWriMo count on my phone, it didn’t give the 2 day badge, it didn’t count it then. For some reason my phone made it happen for the 1st, oops. I won’t use my phone to update. Similarly, you can tell I haven’t written yet today when writing this, 10/11/2020.

You can see the first days of this year over here.

I can share, from what’s visible in the graphs for word counts, I need to ‘get back on track’ still, so to speak. I’ve been focused on several other things, and it would be good to push back to what I’d planned before.

My way to track what I do says I need 16670 words today to finish by the 30th, I’d prefer to get past the 20k words I wanted by the 6th. I got super stuck in one part of the start of my novel, but I decided to stay smart about it. I just wrote what I could, and asked whoever I could, it lead to me moving beyond the trouble.

You’ll get the week’s update on Sunday, we won’t do another day’s update on Monday next week.

We’ve got this, let’s keep writing!

I’ve considered it, what would we say about people who use software that adds Chapter markers to word count? NaNoE.V2 doesn’t, just a thought and shameless self promotion. Insert a wink, or something.