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This year we’ve gotten to 27008 words, which is great, it’s just unfortunate that sickness stopped the posibility.

I was a bit slow before

On 18/11/2020 I got hit by sickness, it wasn’t Covid-19, it just hit hard. I could barely concentrate on anything with the harsh symptoms.

The missing day’s progress

I couldn’t even concentrate enough to update the word count on NaNoWriMo on the 27th after writing. The plan, however, is I’m working out how to manage the edit for the first Accidental Distances so I can publish it as soon as humanly possible. We’re at over 105k words, and past halfway on the first draft edit.

The point of the missing day being shared for my total was it’s legitimately in November this year. It’s also to show how it’s possible to write over 5000 words in a day. It takes some time out the day, but it’s possible to organise the writing better, when you can, to get tons more words each day.

The averages

Consider your averages for this year. For the average 24 words per minute it would me I can write 1440 words an hour. For the next NaNoWriMo I will use my new strategy for time:

  • 30 minutes when I wake up
  • 30 minutes at around lunch time
  • 30 minutes after work/the day ends

That means 3 medium length writing sprints a day to put me around 2160 words a day. I can spend longer on some days, such as weekends, and write tons more. It would make it manageable to have enough time for the project.

I share it now since it’s the strategy I’ll use for the first draft edit completion of Accidental Distance. This would allow me to publish it sooner. We’re at position 1839 out of 3393, so roughly 54% through the novel edit. It’s fabulous I’m improving my spelling and grammar, I must say.

The one thing I realised I can see clearly this year was my preference for edits. I had pauses where I would go ‘I can’t use -ing words,’ and so on. The future edits I need would potentially be a little faster for me, I can hope.