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We, once again, step into the summary of our year together in review.

This years visits

Thanks once again for the regular visitors that come through to take a look at my work here. While in 2019’s review we see different stats, I’ve updated how I look to see peoples interests here.

For those that aren’t as frequent, here are the posts from this year:

The Successes

With the trouble the world faces for the year it’s been a troublesome year indeed. That being said, I started 2020 with a single mindset.

This will be the best year, I wont just try to make it happen, whatever it does will be done by itself.

I lived with this as the idea behind whatever would happen to me. There was a single instance a certain person treated me as if I was their quick hook-up. They swapped over to ill treatment in an instant when I pointed it out. They wanted dodgy circumstances for me to travel far just to please them. Nope.

Don’t treat people as bad as they are, treat them as good as you are.


When it’s out of your reach to do what anyone tries to force you to do: shrug your shoulders, apologise, and wait for the correct circumstances to arrive for you. I did so, got the ill treatment, and distanced myself. From what I chose to live by: whatever it does will be done by itself.

It happened, for me. Despite the ridicule with people siding with the instigator I managed to throw the biggest curve ball into my life.

I met R.P.

What feels to be the best circumstance for me happened. You know, insert sparks flying everywhere constantly for the rest of the year. Over 7 months of pure bliss!

When it’s time for souls to meet, there’s nothing on Earth that can prevent them from meeting, no matter where each may be located.

Kush and Wisdom

Despite troubles, such as national lockdowns here in SA, I used my knowledge to legally fit it in. I can help with IT related queries, it fit for my travel, and the result? There’s tons of ways to discuss it, you will meet the one person that changes your life. R.P. is the person for me.

Together we’ve worked with, and for, one another constantly for 7 months. It helped me adjust my mind set and I feel it helped me get back into all my large projects again.

I’m excited to constantly make work on my major projects regularly now:

  • 2 Novels (Unreleased first, incomplete second one)
  • My work projects can move forwards now:
    – The first financial system is ready for testing at clients (though lockdown delayed it)
    – The second system is moving through the design stages into the database implementations
    Financial institutions who are curious can take a look and get in contact: http://evengrandtrading141.co.za/
  • SokoBomber 2 (Likely to swap to a brand new idea and name)
  • My augmented reality game (This is a large handful, I must tell you)
  • Getting way better at my social interaction

The new year already has tons of amazing opportunities for me as a result.

On The Other Side

I used to share my episodes here, I feel better after the slight adjustment I made. I’ll keep it on YouTube, it’s better for content to fit where it’s intended. Episodes will come up there, and despite it being a little slow to get subscribers I’ll grow more with the new plans I’m working on.

On the other side of that hobby: please join others when you’d like to play in a series together as a ‘multiplayer server‘. I’ll wait for when I’ll get to always play with others before I step into multiplayer again (mind you, edg3ro has joined my single player adventures a little).

I joined the Unorthoblocks SMP for Minecraft and despite all attempts to organise multiplayer content with them it became impossible, I need to find where the multiplayer server has people that are willing to put time in for my different time zone (or, are in my time zone). The little I could do multiplayer went to around 9pm till around 3am for the little I did. The new SMP for me wont necessarily be with people on the other side of the world who can’t fit time in for me to be part of the multiplayer aspect, sorry.

2021’s Plans

We didn’t get through all the plans made before, I needed to adjust my plans. Suffice it to say, I can’t get into any reading on a physical book yet. I also didn’t get into my book a month style challenge. Hence, this year I’m approaching it from a different manner.

The rules are simple:

  • Do my best to achieve all I ever want to
  • Try my best to do it the best I can manage, no matter what

It means I have to adjust how I do things on a regular basis. So I’ve seen I can try to build a new habit for it all to arrive in a timely manner. The new habit for me is a checklist I’ve made for the next few months. The goal is to achieve all I should ‘also get done’ every day.

This has some simple areas in it:

  • Edit novel 1 a bit
  • Write novel 2 a bit
  • Do my stretches, or warmups
  • Do the exercises on days that aren’t gaps
  • Every Wednesday measure my physical bodily attributes
  • Track my calories, not to lower my intake, just to try keep it within a reasonable range
  • During the week spend a while in design, and implementation:
    – The AR game idea
    – SokoBomber 2

I printed a page to track it with, and I intend to follow it for way more than the 21 days for it to be a habit. This would mean I will push towards achieving the main goals I’d love to complete; and similarly I can fit it in with the work schedule as we reach out to the financial industry.

This year I’m sided towards the quote I stuck to last year, above, with the only difference being I will do my best to finish the other projects I’m loving so much.

We will make this year an awesome year of growth. Everyone, including myself, should stick to safety measures and be careful in our troubled times. That way we can grow and become even more.