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Today marks the day I share my thoughts on making a project on Android 10. While not all of my planned features are implemented yet, it’s working on improvements from what I’ve previously shared.

The Plan I Used

I needed a single app to manage only a few small things:

  • My long To Do lists
  • My Exercises
  • My Exercise History
  • My favorite Recipes

While we wont dive too deep into the code we’ll share a little about the ideas behind the structure and what you need to do.


APK: za.org.loveland.edgehelper.apk v1.0.7 (25.3 Mb)

Source: 2021.03.21.EdgeHelper.Xamarin.Net.rar (5.2 Mb)

Note: If you used EdgeHelper on your device before, please, you may have trouble upgrading to v1.0.7 – you’d need to go to App Info and Clear Data. So make sure you write it all down to add it into the new version.

The Features Available

In the APK you can organize your list of what you need To Do in Categories for yourself. There isn’t tracking of what you’ve done, I felt it wasn’t needed. Add What it is into a Category for yourself, you can make the Date when you’d like to do it, otherwise it is just tracking when you add it in.

Main Menu
Your To Do List

You can take a look at your list of Exercises to See them. You can Add (+) them, and even Import them shared by others that use EdgeHelper.

Your Exercises
When you See an Exercise

When you See one you can Copy it in text to share with someone else, Edit, Delete, or Go!

Edit Exercise view, Add is similar

In Edit you can move sets Up and Down in the list to reorder it for yourself, Add new Sets, and even Delete them.

Your Exercise History

In the Exercise History you can select one from the list and see all the details. Export you can Email/Delete or Copy a single item from the history to share with others.

The Recipe view

In Recipes you can Add, pick one at Random (in the category you select), or See one you select to use it. In the Add view it should be explanatory for you.

The view to Add Recipes for yourself

The intent was to make it easy to use, easy to learn, and make it simpler to manage things.

Final Thoughts

You’d note I’ve created this to share the original post which explains what’s happening, you can see through the git history using git log. Move between commits for yourself and see the cycle I went through for my simple app.

The emphasis is to show off how it all worked together from my previous blog post to create your applications on Android 10 using Xamarin, .Net 5, and C# 9.

Note: Import/Export uses different format from original.