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Today we step into the slight adjustments I’ve made to NaNoE V2 before the challenge coming this month: April Camp NaNoWriMo 2021. My goal for the camp: publish my first novel, Accidental Distances.

Feature Updates

We now have repetition checks within sentences, consider ‘we can X, and we can Y.’ It wouldn’t be seen as always necessary for checks, it just helped me fix a sentence in the form ‘we can’t do Y, it is a disaster, we can’t do Y.

Repetition in action

It also now offers the Action for Individual Word Counts. There may be slight flaws here, however it can see what you perhaps repeat too often. Not that I use it really, it was an interesting idea.

The odd word count idea

I revamped the spell check as I experienced a bug or two in how it processed words. It also has a way to ignore words, for instance I use Sidd as my characters name, it totally isn’t a spelling error. Similarly I organized it so unused references are removed, I know I need to do that again though.

Words above, top left

I added a way to see how many words are above out current position. That makes it easy to work certain things out for outselves. Go Bookmarks -> Chapter 1, we see we have 0 words above. Bookmarks -> Chapter 2, we see we have 1707 words. I’ve got 1707 words in Chapter 1! It came from a though that I had about my structure, for instance I’ve got 2107 words in Chapter 15. It adds to what we can take a look at for ourselves.


You can find more information on the NaNoE V2 page.

Download: NaNoE.V2.1.0.3.rar (2.28 Mb)