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It’s the glorious time of the year again! NaNoWriMo 2021!

Today’s announcement as we begin: I will update on Sundays to share my progress, for work I will have something to share soon. A lot is changing in amazing ways, I hope to bring things back soon (aka. ASAP, just need to solve small problems).

My Novel

This year I’m starting my second novel:

Accidental Distances 2: Trouble Homebound

It continues the story from Accidental Distances, I just haven’t decided what might happen yet, it’s still a brand new story for me too. I will create the page soon, I just need to still work out where the story will go for me.

As a note, I haven’t had time to make a logo, I haven’t even had time to plan anything. I just know when I’m at home in the morning, and evening, I can fit in the little time to write more of the novel.

The other thing I will challenge myself to do one each weekend this NaNoWriMo: Spend an hour on Saturday, and an hour on Sunday, editing Accidental Distances. I’m making sure I WILL publish, at this point.

Day 1: Progress

My writing time: 112 Minutes

Average words per minute: 21.37~

Where I Am: Halfway through Chapter 2

Word Count: 2393 (need 1642 average words per day from now on)

As a side note for all authors challenging themselves this month:

Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason so few engage in it.

Henry Ford

This means you must always prioritize your work. You’ve got this, don’t burn your mind out so you bring detrimental situations to your day-to-day work, or job. Ever.

Your novel will come for you, you can continue writing. Don’t ever let it give your life any problems. It’s also here for you and wont mind you missing any day.

Keep at it in the way that is comfortable, and best, for you. You can get your 50,000+ words!