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I found my first stumbling block today, I’m on the pre-release of the next version of Windows 11, as well as the Preview of the next version of Visual Studio 2021. This meant, unfortunately, I’ll just swap back and forth with the two languages from now on. C# and Python.

I found it troublesome as the way I setup my projects gave a few compiling errors, mostly to do with paths used by includes. I decided it’s best to stick to where I can work the quickest.

That being said, take note: I won’t share any exe files in my git from now on. I thought about it, it defeats the purpose of the challenge to just through usable exe files up for others to use. My sincere apologies.

Task 1

Task 2

I realized after uploading the screenshots: I was super lazy. I didn’t use Linq in these answers at all, oops, I just didn’t feel like it.


Yay, I succeeded with 43,085 other people!

I left way too much lazy unnecessary code in Task 2, I figure I’ll make an effort to minimize code in the future. As a similar note, I will group code in a few different ways, I felt like using Func today. I’m not sure what I will do in the future, I’m having a little fun for my own amusement.