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We, once again, step into the summary of our year together in review.

Thanks once again for the regular visitors that come through to take a look at my work here.

As a reminder, you can see the past reviews, such as 2020’s review if you ever need.

The Successes

This year has been troublesome for me, I feel I should just count my new full-time job as the best thing to occur for me. While I managed to get a bunch done, I didn’t do much, so I’d like to call my photos a success as well.

The Other Side

I managed to get 19 posts out from 52 weeks, I feel I’ve been slacking too much with my blog. That being said, there are impressive things, I would hope, on the way in the near future.

2022’s Plans

I feel I had too much on my plate last year. So, instead of making a large boisterous assumption I can do everything I ever want to, this time I want to keep it simpler. There are 3 priority tasks I have this year:

With that being shared, mind you, there are a few posts I need to get out soon:

  • Get through all Advent of Code 2021 challenges
  • Publish Accidental Distances
  • Work out more in my new Exercise Plans, I’ve gladly gotten my consistency back
  • Perhaps share drawings, or paintings, since I decided on art for my new hobby
  • Share tons more posts to help others program
  • Get my DirectX 11 game engine usable as much humanly possible, with that also make my games completely playable ASAP

Lets make this an awesome year of growth, we all need to do brand new things.