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I’ve managed to get myself back in track; if all goes well I will be regularly posting here once again.

This year has been troublesome so far, but I took the time to make sure I’m focussing on how it really looks. Despite the scrambled process, I’ve gotten back to it.

Edg3en: A Game Engine

First window in Edg3en

Knowing I’m a game developer at heart, I did a lot through Make Games SA, I’ve had several people ask when will I have reimagined what I want for SokoBomber. As such, I am building a new style of engine, to replace/extend my idea in Monogame, for my prefered “code first” approach in game development.

I’ve moved from my local git to github: https://github.com/edg3/edg3en

NaNoEweb: A SImpler, Easier, Novel Writing Platform

NaNoEweb aims to be simpler

I know for a fact that while NaNoE.V2 helped me get so close to publish Accidental Distances, I was only able to do so as I understood how it’s all set up. From my recent work a lot of attention was paid to usability, and user friendliness, so I’m working towards making NaNoE super easy to use. That being said, I have a lovely way that I can syncronise data with the web version and my Android phone. I just want it to have the possibility when out in public ‘I can totally make a note in that chapter to add this…

I’ve moved from my local git to github: https://github.com/edg3/NaNoEweb

That being said, it will also allow writing on mobile devices; I just need to work that out more. It’s a touch troublesome to ‘add paragraphs‘ on web and separately ‘add paragraphs‘ on Android if they overlap in any way. I’m sure I’ll think of what to do eventually this month – I have a few ideas to toy with.

The More, The Merrier

That being said, I’m working on several things with my scrambled thought patterns, and should have posts about the following in the near future:

  • Novel: Accidental Distances
  • Game: Explosive Hamster
  • I’ve Read: The Fifth Agreement – Don Miguel Ruiz
  • I’ve Read: Whole Again – Jackson MacKenzie & Shannon Thomas
  • Goal: Finish NaNoEweb before November
  • Goal: Get start of Explosive Hamter, my game to replace SokoBomber, playable
  • Goal: Get my revamped website theme working to put up here, cleaner is better

I have tons more that I didn’t think of at the time of writing this post, it will come to me again eventually. I disabled the email opt-in for notifications for now; when I decide on the nicest simplest way to do it in I’ll bring it back.

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