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This year I chose to write in a different style compared to my past novels. That being said, this year has been way more fun than I expected. I will share more, at some point in time, about the idea I have for my novel this year but it’s difficult to put into words for this post.

At the start of this month I started a new job, it has been fabulous so far, but you can understand the list of priorities for this NaNoWriMo is completely different for me. Work comes first, need to make sure I settle into the new job properly, so that will always come first. Second comes my personal life, needs, and feelings; I chose to completely turn my world upside down after my bad experiences to start the year and I now have a fantastic future coming ahead of me, personally. Then NaNoWriMo; not to say I wont get the 50k words at all, I’m challenging myself this year to make sure I can reach it – no matter what.

There are a few strategies I’ve chosen for this years novel:

  • It is a story that should be humerous, fun to read, and have an unexpected plot
  • This leads to The Clutzy Clumsy Man, just to give people a light idea: bad things happen to all of us, they happen way more often to my main character, but it has a loving lighter look at all the negative outcomes
  • I, so far, thought up the first chapter on the 1st, and started to write it. I’m going with the whims I have for whatever I should write
  • I’m a NaNoWriMo Pantser this year.

No time to worry about my novel; no need to cut into time from my new job; I’m excited about my novel idea and I’m loving what I’ve managed to write so far.

That being said, over the last 2 days I have increased the count by 1 since I started a paragraph, saved it, then deleted it. Several times over the 2 days. I’m going to count it as an effort – marked as 1 word per day – but I’m totally a pantser. I managed to pick myself out of the idea I was stumbling over, and the plan is to catch up, sky rocket over the approximate needed word count, and have fun for the month.

This is being done through my new novel writing system, NaNoEweb. It isn’t near completion; it’s buggy; I’m just loving what I thought of doing for my writing already. If you use it, please be careful, I’m just jumping into everything so I add and change things as I think of them while I write my novel.

I will share more next weekend.