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Today will be a simple post, it took some effort, but the regular posts will come again soon. That being said, there are a few notes on what’s been happening around this time of the year:

  • I’m revamping my idea for the theme here, which I’d hope I finish soon.
  • As of writing this, I’m at 8,165 / 50,000 words for this year’s NaNoWriMO novel. I plan to complete it since I have a nice idea for it now, it was just a tremendous difficulty to find the right things. “Pantsing” is harder than I had imagined.
  • You will notice I’ve updated the info about myself. I’m in a new position, a developer at Fedgroup.
  • NaNoEweb‘s last adjustment was around 20 days ago; I’m enjoying it, I just need to sort out the minor things which bug me in it. That being said, I should also, totally, finish off the editting assistance as planned. First, I figure, is Import and Export needs.
  • With the new work my YouTube channel has slacked off a little in uploads, but I hope to rebuild that habit soon. It would be cool to jump to over 100 subscribers this year still!

I’m not yet sure how I will challenge myself this December, but with the 5 weekends I’d like to get 5 posts out to end this year of 2022.