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It’s that time of the year again, I had a lovely trip to Dinokeng game reserve with the best company to camp with. We both had a fantastic time in the new(ish) private indoor camp site, number 4, at Kyleu Bush Camp. Thank you, kindly, for the fabulous camping adventure T.C. I look forward to tons more with you to get out the city!

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The chilled camping spot

Dinokeng Visit: 17-18 Dec 2022

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The gallery can be downloaded here: 2022.12.17-Dinokeng.KyleuBushCamp.rar (322.46 MB)

This year was a little rocky to start out, but it became a better fantastic caring environment as a whole. New work, which I’m loving every day, with such a fabulous team to be a part of; as well as a new direction to look in for the entire future! It’s already showing that reprogramming my mind has been a tremendous help.