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To put it lightly, this year had hickups for me.

While I struggled to get back into it this year, I still greatly appreciate my regular visitors. The active future plans are already starting – we’re up for a different year!

You may always take a look at the past, 2021 in Review.

The Successes

First off, I believe I’ve achieved the minimal theme and look I wanted for here. I regularly find little bugs in the layout, and welcome anyone that finds others to let me know of them. You’re welcome to email me on ernest at edg3.co.za – while I wont respond immediately, you might hear back from me.

Secondly, I’m excited to move back into proper development work. That is, I came from a Full Stack position in finances, so I constantly itched to do everything from the backend up to the front end. I will note, I hope the websites I worked on at my previous employer will succeed, I most definitely just needed my skills to be taken into account. I’ve started as a Software Developer at Fedgroup, and after the introductory training got stuck into data retrieval. I also, as per usual for me, found a few bugs, I helped fix the ones I could, I did a few things on the front end, and I’m comfortable. I feel at home already.

Sure, I’ve staggered my pace there as well, so I don’t dive too deep too soon, but in 2 months I’ve felt way more comfortable with the work I’m doing. The team I am in is full of fantastic developers I enjoy being around!

The Other Side

While it went from my lesser year to a more abysmal year, it ended with great opportunities for me. This means I am closer to being able to do more here, more on YouTube, actually finish my projects, and rebuild my consistancy. You can tell, no doubt, the simplified To Do mapping I’m using is already making it’s way successfully. I just need to stick to it to reinforce my habits again.

2023’s Plans

While in the past I used to plan what I’d like to do, after starting to read The Fifth Agreement around Dec 2021, I started to move into the new mindset. I would do what ever I want to. My blog is high up on that list, but I also realised something awkward after the massive views on 28 Feb, Living With My Disability of course.

I promise to do things, then I happen to lose sight of my plans, forget too regularly, and while it’s a lovely plan for my ongoing recovery to jump between things – I will now put my focus on less things at once. Note, all of what I promised at the end of last year will still come. Eventually. Just, instead of having too many things to focus on I will start the strategy which is simpler.

Focus on only 5 categories – General To Do, Programming, Blog, Purchase, and Work. While these will generally overlap.

As you can see in notes, it’s just using simple excel capabilities to have lists in their own worksheets of tasks. Much like programming projects, I am focused on finishing at the moment.

Which means, as you might understand, I have a cleaner focus for what I will be doing. Once I finish my new exercise app, which I hope to release on the Play Store, my next focus will be the last edits on Accidental Distances. Sure, I want to stick to free and open source as much as I can, as I always have, just now the aim is also to generate sources of passive income where possible.

Lets get back into the growing mindset in this new year.