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With the slow start, as in a tiny amount of work on the map save structure on day 1, it has taken a few tremendous leaps. That being said, it isn’t complete. This 7 Day Roguelike isn’t quite complete; it has the start of combat, the start of the experience system; and enemies to have combat with.

It doesn’t quite have the mechanics continued play, nor does it have the story line I wanted to go with. I’ll be making some effort to finish this roguelike to release as a full game. As I pointed out on the 3rd, I built this from questions I put forward to AI, so I would definitely like to follow through with all the plans even though it wasn’t finished for the 7DRL challenge.

gif of the game so far

The 7DRL Submission: 2023.7DRL.NoNameBrandRogue.rar (8.6 Mb, Windows)

(or take a look on itch.io)


  • Mouse, left click: view tile; view enemy if on is on tile
  • W, A, S, D: character movement

Warning: it doesn’t show it’s generating map tiles when you go through a door. There is currently only an update pause. Similarly, there currently isn’t any regeneration, oops.

Discussions can be through Make Games SA forums, my Discord, or the Make Games SA Discord.

As a refresher for what happened each day:

  • 2023/03/02-03 – Get base fonts renderer into eVX for the first time; design game through questions asked from OpenAI.
  • 2023/03/04 – The data-oriented save was created in around 1 hour.
  • 2023/03/05 – The buggy floor render was worked on; the bug fixed end of day: forgot to set ‘MapTileID‘.
  • 2023/03/06 – The character structure was created, the player created as a character, then added buggy movement through doors to adjacent tiles.
  • 2023/03/07 – Sorted eVX font rendering more, sorted all bugs I found as much as possible, added starting UI.
  • 2023/03/08 – Started enemy spawns, only added Rodent from position 0 in sprite.
  • 2023/03/09 – Started combat; added dice for combat rolls, like I wanted.
  • 2023/03/10 – Got combat sorted; realised doors had another bug – used same ‘X’ for top, and bottom; fixed eVX font resizing; added base vision limits; added damage messages; started my own map generation code – as buggy as it is, incomplete – “Pendragon” is the name I gave it; added enemy base info sharing.
  • 2023/03/11 – 1 commit; 3 hours before the first commit on 2023/03/04 – stopped seed sticking to ‘0’ and it made me see there’s more broken in my generation… As amusing as that is, done for now for the submission.

The plan is simple; by the end of this weekend, I’d love to finish of way more in this roguelike. I’m sad that I couldn’t finish my concept, but as you know – this is a challenge to fit into your everyday life. My personal life, and work, always have to take priority. I’m just glad, with the limited time I managed to get towards this roguelike it’s close, at least.

Anything further for the game isn’t for 7DRL anymore; but I’d love to finish building the design I got from OpenAI. The steps left for this weekend are, firstly:

  • Enemy movement/AI.
  • Item drops from monsters; map generation gives items.
  • Hint popups.
  • Level up popup screen that gives random choices; (level up all current mobs? maybe).
  • Make all rodents and the thieves, if at all possible.

If I had found the time where my mind was settled enough to focus on my personal code projects, I would have focused on the 7DRL.

My goal is to release a “complete” game each quarter this year, this way I will be able to take my written designs I’ve worked on for years into releases. This design was a fun experiment, but at least if I finish this smaller project, I can fulfil the 1st quarter game’s slot. Mind you, complete doesn’t mean I won’t change, update, and adjust, in the future. It just needs to be a fully playable game, unlike today’s extremely limited roguelike.