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One of the things I’ve needed to start doing since the end of last year, has been improving my communication skills. That’s why I’ve chose The Elevated Communicator this month. It expands in more detail about the four styles; Expressive, Reserved, Harmonious, and Direct. With their online, free, tool to map your primary and secondary styles it can help understand your differences in styles.

With my believed styles, primary Reserved secondary Expressive, it was easy to see I’m a confident, and personal, communicator who prefers to foster strong team communication. I prefer to rather influence interaction, in tremendously great ways, without taking the final responsibility, too often. It shows I’m adaptable and has helped me find simple ways to adjust habits. Though, it’s safe to say I’m still slow to warm up towards people I’ve just met; it’s a slow process.

With a focus on my primary and secondary styles, whether or not they’re accurate, it helped me understand areas to focus on: myself.

My 3 areas of focus have small simple practices which I’m slowly working on each day, and the results are already showing, personally. Practicing gratitude; thanking people around me more regularly has boosted my mood, improved my relationships with people around me, and I feel happier already. Practicing mindfulness; as is known with my injury, my thoughts can go out of control, so I always try work on calming my thoughts. Practicing self-care; since I moved into my own place I’ve struggled to get back into my comfy balance of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

As I finished the book the first time after the first 2 weeks this month I revamped my daily plan of action, with different sets on different days of the week, and started to practice these better communication habits for myself. I’m unsure if others in my life have heard the minimal changes in my communication styles, but just with the better communication practices I’m already feeling better, getting back into my preferred lifestyle, and things are starting to line up again.

This book, with their free online style assessment, and the slight adjustments to practice my own communication has already resulted in a better understanding of my interaction with people I interact with in a nicer manner. It’s much better for my personal, and professional, life in a major way. You should take the time to get it and read it yourself.

By edg3