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For September I chose to take a gamble, and looked at interesting books to go through, and landed on The Intelligent Investor, Revised Edition. The plan was to get a broader understanding around my investment capabilities, and while I couldn’t finish it all in this month – it does amazing work for giving a better way to understand investments which go through the stock market. One thing I will say, I’ll never be good enough to take my own chance inside the stock markets. I’ve just got a better idea for how to move and adjust my portfolio, already.

While I highly recommend this book, I cannot fulfil my book a month challenge for last month, yet. I will still finish it by end December, to get 12 books this year.

The investor’s chief problem – and even his worst enemy – is likely to be himself.

The Intelligent Investor (pg. 8)

When I wanted to start investing, I fell into a little trap. The only reliable way I could start off was with near no assistance. I was pointed in a decent stable direction, but it’s an external company via a company that works on the stock exchange. They are both fabulous companies, doing fabulous reliable work in the stock markets every day. A good starting point, but the slow progress in growth made me question my choice – it wasn’t as smart as I first thought. I let affection take control of how I would invest to start out, thought it was a short-term investment, but realised it should rather be mid-term.

I did my research, and read those novels reviewed this year. I even spoke to my relative who has a much more professional idea of how to achieve what I want to achieve. The plan to minimise unnecessary expenses, and achieve better savings results, followed suit.

All I can share so far is the book has, so far, helped me to understand what my flaws have been so far. It also has helped me understand the choices made after having smart discussions lead me in the right direction. I already have new ideas for my investments, but I need to finish this book, and read it again a time or two more.

What it has left most in my mind, as of now, is the idea of the someone pushing you to take up an offer they say is good. Just smile, nod, then do your own research to verify stability and future outcome, most of the time you can stick to more reliable investments. It leads you to a better plan with more intelligent short-, mid-, and long-term investments which can help you.