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Last month the book I went through was The Art of Thinking Clearly, by Ralph Dobelli. I did finish, but didn’t get to posting my review due to unforeseen circumstances.

The biggest point that came across happens to be that the book isn’t meant to be comprehensive or academic, rather that it intends to be an entertaining guide for overcoming errors. While some people share a few sections may be too simplistic, some overlap too much, and the likes, it happens to give a good perspective on a few different ideas about life as a whole.

What stood out for me was in Chapter 66: Why You Are a Slave to Your Emptions.

Write down the possible benefits, weight them in terms of importance, and then multiply them by the probability they will occur.

Chapter 66 – The Art of Thinking Clearly

This is the one which hit home for me the most. After my injury I have an overly analytical thought process. Not that I like it, it’s difficult to get used to, but it gave me a better perspective on my own thought process. The heavy point was the idea behind not having the imagination to think of all of the outcomes. My side, after my injury, is my mind always thinks of the exponential number of unimaginative things which can happen. Not to ruin the book, it’s a great read, I’ll just share that chapter just sunk in for me and gave me a better idea of what my mind was sticking to. It helped me understand what my mind does and look at it in a simple manner.

I would recommend anyone wanting to see a different way to consider things in life should get this book and enjoy it. It was fabulous in tons of ways besides this, I just felt I’ll point out the one that “hit home” for me the most.