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In an effort to get back on track with my life as a whole, I overheard colleagues of mine share they’d like to go for a hike. Since it’s been super long since I went on one, and haven’t been able to get back into my exercise routines since the start of November, I checked in with them until we organised it on Friday.

We decided, together, to go the Cradle Moon, and the Green Trail was chosen. The green trail is shared with 9km distance and has around 230-meter elevation changes over the route. At R80 a person it’s a wonderful way to get out the house, turn one’s mind off, and be active outside the city.

I must share, for the first hour, and a bit, I took several photos, though I gave up because of the heat. Try aim to do this hike when the temperature isn’t going to be above 30 degrees Celsius.

I requested permission to post these photos due to POPIA, they know they can just ask me to remove them if they change their minds.

Cradle Moon: Green Trail

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Download: Cradle Moon: Green Trail (254.11mb rar)

After Thoughts:

It was a good idea to try get back into the swing of things. I’ve been doing my best to socialise with others more often and have a fabulous team to spend time with. It’s difficult to fix stress in my mind after the incident I suffered this November, but I will hang in there and do my best to repair it.

By edg3