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Due to the unfortunate event at the start of November, I lost the plot in my life a little; and consequently, I haven’t completed the book yet. Eight Dates – Essential Conversations for a Lifetime of Love is well worth it, even if you aren’t in a relationship, as it can help you understand how you might need to adjust yourself, a little. I already know one thing that I want to adjust for my future relationships. The suggestion from the introductory chapter:

Every great love story is a never-ending conversation. From the first tentative questions we ask as we get to know one another, to the nail-biting discussions of trust and commitment, to the most profound heart-to-heart explorations of our love, our pain, and our dreams, it’s the quality of our questions and our answers that allow us to continue learning and growing with one another over the years.

We aren’t talking about yes-or-no kinds of questions. The questions we’re talking about are called “open-ended” questions. These questions are invitations whose answers aren’t just a word or two.

We don’t want you to ever stop talking to each other, and learning, and growing.

Eight Dates: The Conversations That Matter

Due to what occurred to me, personally, which has nothing to do with any relationships ever, I only made it to around Date 6 in my reading. It has been life changing for me, so far. I already went through a lot of thoughts on how I can be better in my next relationship, and that’s without even talking to someone about what my answers would be to the questions.

I will give a full review of the book when I am done, I’m making sure I meet my 12 books for the year still, I just wanted to share this book has done wonders for me. My future relationship will be completely different from all in my past.

By edg3