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I made it to the end of Eight Dates, and I must share again, this book is amazing.

If you don’t understand something, ask questions and then listen to the answers.

Ask Questions – Eight Dates

This is what opened my eyes to how I should look at things for my future. I always went into things too fast, and never asked anything. The book goes into a ton of exercises which I plan to use in the future, but one thing stood out to me the most.

In a committed relationship, you will both stop the world to try to understand and ease each other’s pain.

Date 1: Lean on Me – Trust & Commitment

It isn’t changing yourself, at all. It isn’t changing them at all, ever. Rather, it’s meant to show your partner that you accept them as a whole. I would have to admit, this is what I dream of – being accepted as a whole. I know I fell short in the past; it was difficult when my analytic mind only saw how I’m being used.

That being said, not used in a bad way; at all. It was always for doing good things. Rather, I got nothing given back to me.

The biggest idea I learned from this book, is simple for me. Wait for the right person who will also give their best to be together anyway. It isn’t making my problems their problems, ever, the right person will be there to just hold my hand as I solve my own issues without it being their problem at all. A hand to hold. Effort, not wanting distance without reason.

The right person will choose to put effort in as well, not blame you for what other people did, and enjoy you helping them for no reason anyway. Find your correct person, and I highly recommend going through this novel’s questions together.

By edg3