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I won’t lie, it was difficult to get this year’s stats since everything is somehow changing. Thank you to all my readers, you have done amazing work for my recovery.

2023 Stats

This year has been large for me in 3 ways.

First, I have an amazing job which has been fabulous to be a part of every day. This being despite number 3. It is lovely to have a large influence on how things are done when my strong characteristics are kept in the fore front. My strong full stack mentality is being used to its biggest advantage. A lot of amazing work in tons of different fields that people can’t ever understand.

Second, I’ve managed to make new friends. It was fabulous to get to experience this year with intelligent people I’ve seen every day. The amazing people I see, and interact with, every day have helped me in tremendous ways.

Third, in a harsh note, I understand, now, how it just takes 1 or 2 people to ruin everything. I won’t give too many details, I hope. If all it takes is for one or two people to not like me, in their unintelligent personal manner, to ruin everything for me? I’m not here to be used as a toy. My performance is supposedly amazing, despite me not liking my own performance, just certain people’s opinions are making me get below acceptable quality treatment. All I say as a response: I prefer to get what I deserve; not what people’s personal opinions share. Fix it, we will see what happens. I’m not here to be treated as low quality.

I could go further in any of these categories, but I don’t care enough to even make any attempt, anymore. I’ve already dealt with harsh things, this year, and in the past, so I don’t even care enough to fight for myself anymore. The right people only look at my strengths. My strengths are holding me strong, anyway.

At the start of November being confronted, at gun point, I decided to re-evaluate my life as a whole. The right person will join me, one day. The right company will give me what I deserve and ignore the people that hate me, for no reason besides ignorant intimidation. The right people will choose to focus on my strengths and ignore the unintelligent people who say bad things about me. I keep getting asked if I’m okay, but to admit it, I’m not. I’m not recognised for my strengths right now; I’m only recognised for certain people’s opinions.

It’s alright. We will see what happens. I know my worth.

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