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As part of the mind reset, I managed to work out, I join a new group through FB. It wasn’t in the right space for my mind, and I was reluctant to join a hike. The lovely lady who was managing it, for someone else who did nothing, got to the point she created her own group instead of maintaining his. Crazy Singles Hiking Group, a place for hikers that are single to group together to go for amazing diverse hikes around Gauteng, South Africa.

The dilemma I was facing was I need to have random people, outside of friends, family, and work, to have relaxing conversations with. This was while going for therapy from November’s incident to work out how to solve the problem, and on a whim noticed a new group, Group A pop up in my FB feed. I joined, saw a single person carrying all the weight in it, but that the higher ups were letting bad things burn the styles of the community away. That single person, a lovely lady, swapped out and made Crazy Singles for us all.

Yes, I might be a unique kind of crazy. Wink, nudge.

Olive Tree Farm approximate 3.5km Trail

First, I went to Olive Tree Farm on 21 Jan 2024 to see how the group felt, as I’ve been looking for a stable hiking group for years again. Olive Tree has lovely trails, we got a ton of interesting knowledge shared with us, but it was too soon in my journey into fitness again to complete the hike. I managed around 3.5km distance on the uneven terrain. I was not that far back into my fitness journey at this time and my body was less comfy walking the further distance routes.

Harties River Hiking 10km Trail

Second, was today, at Harties River Hiking Trail. The uphill climb at the start felt difficult, but in 3 hours we completed the 10km hike. Well, I swapped between who I hung around for random different conversations, but I finished the 10km hike. It’s a fabulous route, only the ants don’t let me there, they were a menace to my ankles at times. It was an amazing event with fabulous people to interact with.

Note: The people in photos below know they can request I remove it if they don’t want it to stay up, but their general answer was that they don’t mind at all, I asked permission.

Olive Tree Farm and Harties River Hiking Trail 2024 Jan and Feb

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Higher quality images are available at request by the people I spent the day with, in both cases.

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After Thoughts

Since the start of November, my fitness and wellness methods went running away like nobody’s business. I got into a bad mental slump from that event. It wasn’t a new year’s resolution to get back into it all, those always die down and are forgotten. It happened to be through planning, and organisation, of what I’m going to do myself that I decided on bringing it all back with a leap forward.

I saw the first group in December for singles hiking and was waiting for it to stabilise and become comfy, it didn’t. The ladies that started the journey got rid of the toxic people by starting over with a new group, and being careful and protective of the singles allowed in.

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