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One thing I didn’t consider when using my Sony DSC-W800 20.1mp digital camera, is when I run them through Photolemur 3 for colour and shading enhancement, my images go from around 8mb to around 24mb each. Each time for posting here, on social media, or even sharing via WhatsApp I’ve struggled with the sizes a little. After the schlep of doing it manually several times, I figured why not just make it into a single ‘button click‘ for myself.

Hence, today, just to share, in less than a minute with Copilot, I tossed together ImageMinifier (v1; 69kb). A simple windows forms application using C# 12 and .Net 8.0 which goes through all files in the directory and if it’s a PNG, my preferred image output format, it makes it 25% the size and saves it in a new folder.


I guessed this might be useful for others, so figured I would share it here as well. This makes all my large, adjusted, images into small enough images I could easily share in all the spots for the public.

using (var folderDialog = new FolderBrowserDialog())
    DialogResult result = folderDialog.ShowDialog();

    if (result == DialogResult.OK && !string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(folderDialog.SelectedPath))
        MessageBox.Show("Please wait a moment while images are processed...");
        string selectedFolder = folderDialog.SelectedPath;

        // Create a folder with current date and time numerics only
        string folderName = DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyyMMddHHmmss");
        string folderPath = Path.Combine(selectedFolder, folderName);

        // Get the path of the created folder
        string folderPathString = folderPath;

        // Get all PNG files in the selected folder
        string[] pngFiles = Directory.GetFiles(selectedFolder, "*.png");

        foreach (string pngFile in pngFiles)
            // Load the image into memory
            using (Image image = Image.FromFile(pngFile))
                // Calculate the new width and height
                int newWidth = (int)(image.Width * 0.25);
                int newHeight = (int)(image.Height * 0.25);

                // Create a new bitmap with the resized dimensions
                using (Bitmap resizedImage = new Bitmap(newWidth, newHeight))
                    // Set the resolution to the same as the original image
                    resizedImage.SetResolution(image.HorizontalResolution, image.VerticalResolution);

                    // Create a graphics object from the resized image
                    using (Graphics graphics = Graphics.FromImage(resizedImage))
                        // Set the interpolation mode to high quality
                        graphics.InterpolationMode = System.Drawing.Drawing2D.InterpolationMode.HighQualityBicubic;

                        // Draw the original image onto the resized image
                        graphics.DrawImage(image, 0, 0, newWidth, newHeight);

                    // Save the resized image to the folderPathString
                    string resizedImagePath = Path.Combine(folderPathString, Path.GetFileName(pngFile));
                    resizedImage.Save(resizedImagePath, ImageFormat.Png);
        MessageBox.Show("Done, enjoy the minified images!");