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This weekend’s hike was at the De Wildt Cheetah Lodge. Not with the memory of when it was, I pitched up at the De Wildt 4×4 Nature Park. I don’t own a 4×4. It’s only 5 to 6km further along the road, so we were still thankfully on time. All I remembered was we used to 4×4 on those mountains, and the views would be amazing to experience again. I tried my best to cut out photos of hikers for this post, but there were a few photos I appreciated the memory of well enough to filter in anyway.

Be sure to check it out if you enjoy hiking, they have man trails shared on their website. Note, it is an intense start to the hike, even for the shorter distances, just so you don’t expect it to be super easy all the way.

Wilde Hond Trail

The group I stuck with did the Wilde Hond Trail, so all my photos are from along this route, with the 420m elevation. The majority of the group went for the Alpha Female Trail which was 12.5km with 560m elevation. You will not the view across Harties is around where the mountains of the Harties River Trail, which go up to around 310m in elevation. I always go a little bit further for photos than I need to.

My Distance for the Day

Images have colour enhancements and are scaled down to 18% size for privacy and ease of access.

De Wildt Wild Dog Hiking Trail: May 11 2024

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Of the 150 photos I like the most, hope you enjoy the 52 I filtered down to for this post. It’s a great experience to spend time with people interested in the same experience of nature, with the added safety of grouping up.