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I have a YouTube channel, edg3 ZA, please check me out over there. I appreciate all the support I get there already, any more would be more amazing!

World Downloads:

Active e-Fitness

Active e-Fitness


NaNoE is a writing tool I created for myself in 2018. It is an open-source free program and all that.


NaNoE.V2 is the second edition of NaNoE, it is currently starting in beta.

Accidental Distances

Accidental Distances is the first novel I wrote, though, it isn’t released yet. It isn’t complete yet; we are still in the first edit stages.

Accidental Distances: Troubled Land

Accidental Distances: Troubled Land

The second novel, it continues on from where Accidental Distances left off. It will have more in the future.


A roguelike that started in 2023/03’s 7DRL Challenge.

Blog Post Topics

  • Programming
    Why not share more random programming posts? Challenges, ideas, and all. Sure, other categories fit here too, I’ll just put uncategorized code here.
  • Dungeons & Dragons
    I am planning to go back into D&D as a DM, so, you’ll see things shared here. Potentially.
  • Game Development
    I figured two things out. First, I should make a few decent games for myself again. Second, I should dedicate posts for helping others start out and get through things related to game development.
  • Other Fluff
    This is technically what the name suggests, fluff. Pretty much where the news would go, similarly where random ideas would go, you name it. When I cant think of the category it ends up here.
  • Psychology
    First, it is important to note: I am not a psychologist. This is the category for things relating to my personal recovery, journey, and more. Sharing them helps me remember them, it is better for me.
  • Read Novels
    I am attempting to read through physical novels again. I have found I can easily get through digital books, though, hopefully this can move forwards again.

Personal as a category is everything, yes, this is my personal blog. Sure, I share a ton of my projects for everyone to use here, it’s just to build more of what I’m interested in regularly. Above should just make it easier to find what you would like to see.